West London Man

A series of short observations on the English social season – with some law shoe horned in where I can.

Some episodes, but not all, have an audio version with sound effects!

West London Man – Collected Episodes on a web page

You may still access the episodes through the category links to the left of the blog page.

12 thoughts on “West London Man

  1. Hi Mike

    How the devil are you- we have been trying to reach you to organise a drink or two in the Bollo….

    Drop me a line or call- would be good to see you again.

    0208 7499960

    speak soon.

    James and Belinda

  2. This really is very funny. I particularly like the bit where Mrs WLM discovers her Polish nanny is a qualified banker and realises she may lose her and subsequently needs to see a therapist (or at least it’s implicitly suggested).

    The cut off jean shorts will haunt me forever.

  3. I was hoping you would list my website on your blog roll and i would in return list you on my resource page on attorney.org. If this is something you are interested in please email me so i could send you the url and you can send me your information for my website.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Mike

    Very careless of me to have lost your email – will be in B’Square Thursday arvo – would love to meet up and share a nice bottle of red… tried to catch you last week but must have gone all the times you weren’t around…

    Do drop me a line or call – 07789 437098. I’m free most days after 6-ish if Thursday’s no good…


  5. Hi Mike,
    Good to see you’re still in the land of the living and haven’t lost your acerbic views on life!
    Rob and Sylvia (Simply Crete 198?)

  6. Hi Mike,

    I’m studying law at the moment and came across your audio on Contract on the Insite website and have found it really useful.

    It appears there may be some of the audio missing from lecture 10 onwards? Is there any chance of getting hold of it?

    Do you do a similar thing for tort?


    Jon – 07710 957624

  7. Well how is the moustachioed legal gent of letters! Often think of our time together (not, I admit, in a sexual way) – and it is galling (or maybe not) to read of BPP University being in the top five for the quality of teaching – and of its outstanding distance learning law degree!

    …. you were sooo ahead of time!

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