Photographs of Perth & Scotland

Perth High Street


The Sally Army – marvellous people, great staff.


The River Tay

Excellent local pub

The quiet High Street on a Sunday afternoon

Festive wellies.  The clue ?  It rains a fair bit up here?

The High Street at 4.30 pm 

Bronze sculpture in the High Street – above and below

David Annand’s sculpture, High Street, Perth.
Soutar’s poem is engraved inside the ring of the sculpture.

Nae day sae dark; nae w�d sae bare;
Nae grund sae stour wi’ stane;
But licht comes through; a sang is there;
A glint o’ grass is green.
Wha hasna thol’d his thorter’d hours
And kent, whan they were by,
The tenderness o’ life that fleurs
Rock-fast in misery?

High Street

And my daily pizza with hot chilli oil at Pizza Express, Perth – a fine restaurant

The pizza is being made as I take the picture.  The ‘thing’ on the table is a tweed cap I have taken to wearing !

The centre of Perth and the main High Street and surrounding streets  are almost entirely car and motorbike free – very civilised!

The High Street on Saturday 19 December 2015 at 6.00 am – wonderfully quiet…had the whole street to myself.  Wet, though.


The Fair City – The River Tay

St John’s Place, Perth

“I’m nothing but a sand dog?

I may have caught the only Tory voter in Scotland on camera here…

Clock sign…

Information Centre – Excellent and most useful…

Marvellous cakes and bacon rolls – breakfast most mornings…

Flower shop just off the High Street towards the river

The Art Gallery – small but filled with marvellous paintings and exhibits.

The river

Young guitarists – very good, too

The Church towards South Street


The Old Ship Inn off the High Street – Skinnergate

St. John’s Kirk, Perth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Trinity College Glenalmond – or Glenalmond College as it is now styled.

Trinity College Glenalmond was founded as an independent school by William Gladstone and James Hope-Scott (later Hope-Scott of Abbotsford).[1] The land for the school was given by George Patton, Lord Glenalmond who for the rest of his life, in company with his wife Margaret, took a keen interest in its development and success.[2] It was established to provide teaching for young men destined for the ministry of the Scottish Episcopal Church and where young men could be brought up in the faith of that Church.[1] It was originally known as the The Scottish Episcopal College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Glenalmond.[2] The school opened its doors on 4 May 1847 to fourteen boys (though one boy, Lord Kerr, later Marquess of Lothian and Secretary for Scotland, arrived a day early).[1] The first Warden (headmaster) was Charles Wordsworth.[1]

Until 1990 Glenalmond was an all-boys school. Girls were then initially accepted into the sixth form only, and the school became fully co-educational in 1995.[1]

I was at Glenalmond (Coll)  from Michaelmas 1966 until Trinity Term 1971.  A good school.  I enjoyed my time at Glenalmond and was in Goodacres, initially with R E Hayes as Housemaster who was replaced by John Barry. A good school.  I didn’t have any enthusiasm for playing rugby but played squash and swam – Captaining both sports and chucked a discus around in the Summer Term.  I was also in the Cross County running team until I got too muscly and heavier with muscle and slowed down! I was a House prfect and then a School prefect or ‘Beaks’ as prefects were known.  The School prefects wore a short black gown trimmed with black velvet.

A good school then and it still is – although now co-educational.  Lord Falconer and Robbie Coltrane were there in my time.  I knew ‘FlabRab’ McMillan reasonably well as we both did ‘Art’.  the art master was Ronald Craig – a very competent painter.


I met Robbie McMillan many years later at  The Groucho Club in Soho.  He later changed his name to Robbie Coltrane.  We were both ‘over refreshed’.  He looked at me and said “I know you!”.  I replied that we had both been at Glenalmond at the same time and painted together.  We had a most enjoyable evening drinking into the small hours. He did tell me that his nickname was ‘FabRab’…not Flab Rab’ and then burst out laughing saying that my recollection was probably more accurate.  He was a big guy then. . Nice bloke.

AND..the duckpond and ducks in Scone. where I live

Views of Perth:  Saturday 16th July 2016

From The Perth > Scone No 7 Bus

A coffee at Starbucks in Perth High Street.

Cafe Nero, Perth High Street




No 7 Bus en route back to Scone

Some more pics of Perth…

The Fair Maid of Perth

The best pub in Perth…great hosts.



Music in the Square outside perth Art Gallery & Museum

A rather good statue in the Gardens near the river in Perth

My ‘Office’ where I write and even shoehorn some work in on occasion.

A wonderfully named law firm in Perth


AND here is another law firm with a fine name

I took my camera with me to perth this morning.  These images caught my eye.

Close up of the bronze ring statue in the High Street

Sir Chris Hoy, the cyclist and his new boos for kids.  Chris Hoy is very popular in Scotland and those who have met him say that he is charming.  I am sure he is.

The Police maintain a very visible presence in Perth.  In Glasgow they pronounce Police as “Pole-is”..or to be more accurate, older native Glaswegians do

The No 7 Bus and Bus Stop in South Street en route back to Scone.

As you can see – it rains a lot in Perthshire…15th day so far.  20 minutes of blue sky and sun yesterday.  Fold marvelled.

Dalhouse Castle and poppies

Perth from across the bridge

Formal gardens across the bridge

Formal Gardens across the Bridge

Monument in formal gardens, Perth across the bridge

The Salutation Hotel, Perth

The George Hotel, Perth

Sporran and Kilt Makers, Perth


The Art Gallery and Museum

Bronze sculptures on the way in to Perth

The Cricket Ground, Perth

It was a fine sunny day and warm.  So I did some walking and travel by bus using my Old Gits Free Bus Pass and took some photographs. A most enjoyable trip out.


Scots Guard, Salutation Hotel front, Perth


Atop the monument to Edward VII towards South St, perth


Scone Palace, Scone, Perthshire

Blair Castle


I have yet to visit the Castle above.

I was chatting to the gentleman with the sword above.  The sword is heavy! They are a group who recreate old battles and are part of the Edinburgh tattoo – as were the Pipe Bands earlier in Perth.  There was also another military parade for young cadets.  A fine sunny day for it.

A Pipe Band in the middle of Perth today

And the Statues in Loch Earn

Close up

My Sunday walk this morning (No buses until 10.00 on Sundays) from Scone to Perth and back was most enjoyable.  The round trip – with wanderings in and around Perth is roughly 9 miles, so good exercise.

Here are a few photographs…

The war memorial commemorating the 200 men from Scone who lost their lives in War.

It is eerily quiet, the road to perth almost empty in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

A very friendly and inquisitive cow.  She walked over as soon as I got my camera out.

The entry sign to Perth. It is translated into Gaelic which hardly anyone here speaks.

Crossing the River Tay… the skies were darkening and light rain or ‘SCotch Mist’ as we call it began to fall.

Nothing happens in Perth on Sundays until past 10.00 am.

Lexi the dog and quiet man who never asks for money – but many give him some.  An old soldier?  Must be in his fifties.

Wednesday 23rd November 2016.  Sadly, the gentleman has died and people are leaving flowers and cars in his memory at the place he always sat with his dog Lexi.


And a picture of me in my red suede hat (£7 from The Salvation Army shop in Perth) reflected in the no 7 Bus shelter.



I walk from Scone to Perth and back every Sunday.  There are no buses until 10.00 am – a trip of about 7-8 miles depending on how much walking I do around Perth itself.  It takes a good couple of hours.  This morning was particularly cold – close to freezing point and, foolishly, I didn’t take gloves.  I thawed my hands out, particularly my right hand which holds my walking stick, in warm water when I got back to my apartment. It was a great walk and I got some interesting shots on a misty morning.

Perth Bridge in the mist

Perth High Street

Perth Riverside from the bridge

Scone on the way back as dawn breaks

Spiders web on the hedgerow in Scone


More to come
Sunday 9th October 2016


It was cold and dark at 6.00 am this morning when I set out with my walking stick and tweed deerstalker hat for the four mile walk to Perth from Scone Thankfully, I had gloves, but even so my hands needed warming in warm water when I got to Perth.

I enjoy the walks.  I try to walk 8-10 miles each day.  Time to think, take in my surroundings, take photographs and make notes for future watercolour paintings – sensible paintings for a change.

Autumn is underway.  Beautiful colours in the leaves of a tree next to the Bus stop in Scone this morning when I nipped back into Perth to buy some food.

I enjoy walking.  Do 10 miles each day rain or shine.  I have seven hats – my latest, used when it is dry is a Tweed deerstalker hat. The walking sticking I bought from the Salvation Army shop in perth for £7.  It has sheep’s horn handle.  A fine stick fashioned from a very straight piece of a tree.

Equipped thus, with a tartan covered hip flask containing whisky or rum and with my trusty camera slung around my neck and a good waterproof jacket I walk each day.  Today, I have managed twenty miles.  It keeps me fit and it is interesting to natter to people en route – cyclists, runners, other walkers,  In perth itself I talk to many people – young and old.  Many of them are smokers, so always pleasant to sit on one of the benches and have a natter.

In the rain, I wear a fine Green Barbour hat – a gift my my cousin Ronald who used to run two very good hotels on The Isle of Arran on the West Coast.  Ronald refused to sell his hunting lodge hotel to Madonna because he didn’t want the island crawling with popular music stars.  he was supported by most of the island population in that decision!


I know Arran well.  I lived in Fairlie, Ayrshire near Largs just 14 miles from Arran on the mainland.  I’ve climbed Goatfell 3000ft about ten times – an easy walk up – could even do it at 63 with a stick to aid me.

And here is a shot of Goatfell from Lamlash


And here is a shot of Fairlie, where I lived when  my parents came over on leave from Malaysia where my father was a director of Dunlop.  I have used a stock photo as theirs was much better than mine angle wise.

And, finally – a shot of Largs, two miles up the coast from Fairlie – a seaside town with much beauty and the famous Nardini Cafe which sells, coffee, cakes, and excellent ice cream and fish and chips.  I was down in Largs for a while about 8 months ago.  Wonderful place.  Going to take a trip back there for a few days in a fortnight.




Pictures of Nardini’s 

And the interior – Art Deco?

The Maid of Perth bronze in Perth High Street – a beautiful bronze. The detail in the work is extraordinary.

The cows were taking breakfast as I walked past as dawn broke this morning on the first few miles of my 25 mile walk today.   I had cigars and I had a bacon roll in perth from a good cafe.   I particularly enjoy walking.  It keeps me fit and it is always a pleasure to stop and natter to people en route or up early and sitting on the wooden benches in the High Street. I do think that Perth Council  has made the right decision to ban cars, vans etc from the High Street.  So much more civilised.  plenty of parking in nearby streets for shoppers and visitors.

And here is a photograph of Perth High Street looking towards the river.

I saw these wonderful creations at a hat shop called “Cat in The Hat”  in Perth this morning.  They are beautiful.  If I had the money – no idea what they cost – I’d buy one just to put on the wall as art.

The combination of local feathers and the skull of a small animal – inspired.


Another Hat from the Scottish Shop in Perth High Street…£20…my favourite hat

The roadScone – Perth at 5.30 am.  I walk 10 miles every day.  It was very cold this morning – 4C.  Thursday 5th January 2017


The Army in Perth Thursday 26th January 2017




Albanian Violin player – He’s very good.

Plastercast model outside Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber where I get my hair cuts.


Perth Museum.  I visit once a week, sometimes more often.  Good museum and Art gallery

A brother and sister piper and drummer.  They are extremely talented musicians.  Early to mid-teens?


A wonderful bronze of a stag in a shop selling astonishingly expensive watches.  I pass the shop regularly and I  have never seen anyone in it.


Marvellous graffiti on a wall in Perth (Council approved)

Scone Park near the duckpond in the early morning cold mist


Prince Albert.  No idea why someone thought that a Stature of this guy needed to be in Perth. ..but there we are.  Not a very good carving.

Shadowy picture of old git photographer – Me.

Georgian Perth

Daffodils in Perth

Perth Castle and The Blackwatch Museum


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