George Osborne to present Bake Off

On a matter of Scotland…

George Osborne as Editor of The London Evening Standard is unlikely to ever support Labour, Liberals or anyone other than the Tories.  The appointment is, clearly, absurd.  But Mr Osborne does ‘absurd’ rather well?

West End Final LATEST…

For the record… I always separate the politics from the man or woman.  I’m sure that George Osborne and his political mates are good people….. and I suspect that if I ever met any of them I would enjoy doing so.  I met Margaret Thatcher and found her absolutely charming and very friendly. A very clever and thoughtful lady.   Years ago.

I enjoy politics and I enjoy the parody side of it.  Harmless enough entertainment!


Cyber Security: Technology, alone, is not enough

Cyber Security: Technology, alone, is not enough

By Fiona Hamilton, Key Account Manager

Cyber threats and the sophistication and speed of cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming pace.

The huge volume of important and often sensitive data held and collated by Chambers and Barristers can be a soft target for perpetrators. Clients’, barristers’ and chambers’ information, integrity and precious reputations, built over years of practice, can be decimated in a matter of minutes, should an attack occur.

Cyber Security is now as fundamental to the successful operation of an organisation, as is any of the core functions. However, Cyber Resilience is not simply a technology function. The entire process is reliant on the awareness and understanding of all staff, suppliers and contractors, which is why Cyber Resilience needs to underpin all security measures and controls. The Human Firewall.

Training your users to know what to look out for and understanding the weak points of one’s own electronic practices and will strengthen your organisation’s defences. It is widely recognised the greatest return on investment it will make, in the fight against cyber-crime. We have surely all read the unfortunate stories about ‘conveyancing theft’ or perhaps have seen for ourselves how prevalent attempts to imitate Heads of Chambers or senior staff, requesting funds transfers, are. It pays be vigilant.

Sprout CyberAware, powered by AXELOS, is a best practice Cyber Resilience Training programme. It is a portfolio of learning products that includes; certified training, awareness learning for all staff, leadership insight and a maturity assessment tool that enables good and timely decision-making on all aspects information security.

Download ‘Cyber Resilience in the UK Legal Sector’ at:

Contact us for a Cyber Awareness portal trial.”

What a Fix-Up!: The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 Kindle Edition by Carl Gardner (Author)

whatafixupThe Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 is the most important yet most misunderstood constitutional reform of recent years. Has it, as some claim “changed everything” about the way British governments form and fall? What does it say about no confidence motions? How does it affect traditional constitutional conventions? And how might it be used and abused by politicians? Barrister and former government lawyer Carl Gardner explains the constitutional context, what the Act says and the different ways it can be read. “What a Fix-Up!” is an-depth analysis of the Act, an alarming description of the risks it creates, and a passionate argument for its repeal.



Carl Gardner, who I have done many website also blogs at The Head of Legal Blog.

Guest Post: Four new pocket-sized books for your business

Four new pocket-sized books for your business

Four new books have joined the existing catalogue of titles available in the popular Authority Guides series of pocket-sized business advice books.

Each book in the series offers highly practical and accessible guidance on a wide variety of business matters.

The books are aimed at the busy business professional and business owner; they are snappy and practical with absolutely no unnecessary padding and waffle. Each book in the series has been written by an author who is not only an expert in their field but who is working today at the coalface of their specialism.

The four new books are:

The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking: How to create engaging and effective business presentations by Steve Bustin.

Do you have to present, pitch or speak to an audience as part of your job? Whether it’s your first presentation or you’re an experienced speaker, this Authority Guide will give you the tools, tips and confidence to deliver engaging, creative and effective presentations. Steve Bustin, an award-winning business speaker (named UK Speaker of the Year 2015 by the Professional Speaking Association), and executive-level speech coach and corporate presentation skills trainer, will teach you some simple techniques to keep your audience engaged.

The Authority Guide to Trusted Selling: Building stronger, deeper and more profitable relationships with your customers to create lifetime loyalty by Paul Avins.

Do you want to build more profitable relationships with your customers? In today’s volatile world sales professionals must know how to build trust in their company, their products and ultimately themselves in order to win the business. In this Authority Guide, sales coach Paul Avins shares his proven, 4-step system to help you contact, connect and convert more customers with less effort and no pressure.

The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness: How to improve your productivity, creativity and focus by slowing down for just 10 minutes a day by Tom Evans.

Enhance your wellbeing, creativity and vitality with mindfulness meditation. In this Authority Guide, Tom Evans invites you to embrace the benefits of meditation in both your life and your business. With the practical mindfulness meditative techniques described in this book, you will learn how to get more done in less time. You will discover how to generate ideas off the top of your head and how to allow serendipity to land at your feet. This book opens the door to a new way to be and do.

The Authority Guide to Publishing Your Business Book: Take your business to a new level by becoming an authority in your field by Sue Richardson.

Are you ready to become a trusted advisor to the business world? Publishing expert, Sue Richardson, shows you how to use your expertise, knowledge and experience to become a published authority in your field and gain the visibility you and your business needs. This Authority Guide will help you to create a plan that ensures you write and publish the right book for your business by looking at these four key questions:

Why publish a business book?
Who is your book for?
What should you write?
How should you publish?

These join the existing books in the series:

‘The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business: Strategies to manage stress and weather storms in the workplace’ by Robin Hills

The emotional resilience of those involved in a business will contribute significantly to the organisation’s success. This Authority Guide from leading emotional intelligence expert, Robin Hills, will help you change the way you think about yourself and the way you approach potentially difficult situations. You will be able to develop your own personal resilience and understand how to develop resilience within the hearts and minds of your team and your organisation.

‘The Authority Guide to Financial Forecasting for SMEs: Pain-free financials for finance and planning’ by Simon Thompson

In this Authority Guide, forecasting guru Simon Thompson shows you how to build financial forecasts quickly, effectively and cheaply through his unique, proven and easy-to-follow 10-step process. By learning how to create effective forecasts you will master the ability to understand the potential financial outcomes for your business and be able to communicate financial information in order to successfully raise investment or loans.

‘The Authority Guide to Marketing Your Business Book: 52 easy-to-follow tips from a book PR expert’ by Chantal Cooke

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to market and promote your book. In this Authority Guide, leading book PR and marketing expert Chantal Cooke, presents 52 tips that will make your book stand out from the crowd, build your credibility as an author, and ensure you achieve those all-important sales.

Each Authority Guide is packed full of useful information to help business leaders grow themselves, their teams and their business.


For more information,  
The books are available from Amazon, Waterstones, and all good bookshops.

Rive Gauche: Tories – very few left in Scotland – listening to Prime Minister May at speech in Glasgow

I had no idea that there were so many Tories in Scotland.  I’ve only met one – and that was in Perth manning a Tory Party stand in the High Street with no visitors. . Perhaps The Tory spin doctors got a ‘Busload of older people on a trip to Margate’ and shipped them up to Perth ?  Nothing would surprise me.   They don’t seem to be enjoying the experience much.    Perhaps The Tory spin doctors should have laced the coffees with Scotch?


Back online after a break. Here is a Pic of Albert in Perth today

Back online and blogging, tweeting et al after a break without net contact.  Here is a Pic of Albert in Perth today.  Quite why we have a statue of Albert in Perth, I have no idea.  No other English Royals – statues or paintings – in Perth on open public display.  I suspect that the Museum and Art Gallery may well have one – but I didn’t see any on my last visit.


I’d be quite happy to see the Monarchy abolished when The Queen dies. A fine lady who has done much for our country.  I enjoyed meeting her at Buckingham Palace many years ago when the law school I worked for as a shareholder director and  Director of Studies was awarded a Queen’s Award for Exports.  An interesting experience.  Met Thatcher as well – she was very amusing and very friendly.  The Duke of Edinburgh told an amusing and mildly ‘off colour’ joke to a small group of us.  I won’t repeat it – but it was very amusing. .  I can’t see that Prince Charles will do much of  any value to Britain – will he be King Charles III or take on the name George?   I suppose that he may be of use to drum up Tourists to spend their Roubles and Dollars and Shekels on British goods etc etc. We shall see in time.