Blawg Review: An Institution reaches 200th edition….

Blawg Review, set up by the anonymous and mysterious Ed is an institution, a carnival of law bloggers with a different blawger hosting it each week.  This week Ed celebrated the 200th edition and wondered if the end was nigh?  I can’t see the death of Blawg Review imminent or otherwise.  It is a wonderful resource and while US centric to some extent, this is changing.  A number of bloggers from the UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere have hosted.  I’ve enjoyed doing two:  #141 at the beginning of 2008 and #193 at the beginning of 2009 (The Lord of Misrule)

While children sleep in their beds and lawyers pore over their briefs and papers…. the Prince of Darkness himself will host Blawg Review on March 16th… the theme day of my favourite god, Bacchus.  Lawyers in the American mid-west ‘may’ tremble at the prospect after the Prince revealed himself in Blawg Review #666 last year – a truly astonishing peroration on no theme at all by the holder of the Tourette Chair of Legal Blogging at F%$chester University.   This year… who knows what GEEKLAWYER will do.   I cannot wait!

I interviewed Geeklawyer who likes to remain anonymous. This explains his Ninja outfit.  He has just been in Canada for a month, living high on the proceeds of fees from his grateful punters.

Watch the movie to see what he has to say about his forthcoming Blawg Review.

PS: Colin Samuels, author of the Infamy or Praise Blawg picked up his fourth Blawg Review of The Year title (in succession) for his excellent Blawg Review on the theme of The Ancient Mariner. His previous Blawg Reviews took Dante’s Inferno as the theme. I am pleased to say that Colin Samuels is now my co-author for the West London Man series of social satires modelled (loosely) on Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress.

Watch the movie to see what he has to say about his forthcoming Blawg Review.

The Lawyers: Geeklawyer’s tax return and other matters…

Watch the film

Charon: Today I am talking to Geeklawyer about his tax return and other matters.  Good morning Geeklawyer.  You have been doing your tax return for nearly eight months.  Are you going for a Pullitzer prize?

Geeklawyer (In a German accent): Good Morning Charon.  The life I live means I have to pay particular attention to my tax and other official papers.  My tax return is one of the most creative things I have ever done… a work of true genius .

Charon: You appear to have turned into a German.  Have you been watching too many war films on Dave?  Be that as it may,  tell me what else you have been up to.  Have you been on Twitter recently?

Geeklawyer: Ja!  I have been on Twitter night und day.  I am addicted.  I cannot help myself.  I wake, see the Twitter screen and I just have to go on.   I even Twitter from court.  Judge does not like it, but I told him  that  I am  typing a note of the proceedings for my records.

Charon: I’m sorry, Geeklawyer but I am having real difficulty understanding you…  are you sure turning yourself into a german is a great idea?

Geeklawyer: Ja!  It is a great idea.  I can charge clients even more because I also  have doctorate degree from internet and clients think I  know a lot more law than my competitors.  Also, when they ask me to repeat myself, it takes time and time is money!

Charon: Well   there we are.  Lawyers are feeling the pinch in these credit crunch times.  We all have to cope.  Thank you for coming on.  I wish you luck with  your new riches.

Geeklawyer: Did you say Reich?  No… I must have misheard you.  It may be the mead I have been drinking.

Charon: Well it is goodbye from me and it is goodbye from my mate Rommel.  Goodbye.  Auf Wiedersehen.

I was going to be sensible…

I went to bed on Saturday night in my cabin on the boat full of good intentions. I planned to wake on Sunday morning and write about the great problems our world is facing.  Unfortunately, I woke up at 04.09.  I tried to resist  the impulse to go on to  Twitter.  I was, I regret, unable to do so.  I found @Gideonstrumpet,  the author of the  A Public Defender blog in the US (I did a podcast with him last Sunday)  was still up and on Twitter. I should explain that Gideon is in Connecticut, USA.  It was nearing midnight for him.   He invited me to have a glass of red wine, after enquiring whether it may be too early for me.  It was too early for me – but as luck would have it, I did happen to have the rest of a bottle from the previous evening to hand. I make no admissions as to whether I drank the rest of that bottle.

I decided to be interviewed by an obscure US TV station on the Boat – the results are here.
I was asked why I blog and use Twitter.

Breaking news… Charon and Geeklawyer meet at St Pancras railway station

Geeklawyer took a trip to St Pancras railway station yesterday – believing that he was due to get on a train to see a friend of his up in Yorkshire.  It would appear, monitoring his transmissions on Twitter yesterday, that he got the day wrong.  I took a trip to St Pancras to see if he was there today.  He was….

I’m the man in the hat, of course.  Curiously, we both seem to have the same rather bizarre English accent… but no matter.

Watch the movie?

Charon Reports: Interview with the Home Secretary?….

Charon on his new talkshow interviews the Home Secretary about the Damien Green MP affair

Film Version: Watch the film here and see my new Australian Bushman hat – Akubra!

Text version

Charon: Good evening…  Tonight I am interviewing Home Secretary Jacky Smith about the Damien Green Affair.  …  Good evening, Home Secretary.  So… is it see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?

Home Secretary: Good evening, Charon.  It would have been wholly inappropriate for me to have intervened in police operational decisions over the Damian Green affair. The systematic leaking of Government information raised issues that struck at the heart of Britain’s “system of governance”.

Charon: Yes…. but surely you should have been told in advance.  The Plod seems to have told Uncle Tom Cobbley and all… even Gorbals Mick knew… although he did nothing about it.  Why weren’t you told?

Home Secretary:
I have made clear that neither I, nor any other Government minister, knew until after the arrest of Mr Green that he, or any other MP, was the subject of a police investigation or was to be arrested. I hope those who have asserted the contrary will now withdraw their claims…. Even if I had been informed, I believe it would have been wholly inappropriate for me to seek to intervene in the operational decisions being taken by the police….  will not do that and I should not do that.

Charon: Well… short of water boarding the Home Secretary…. it is unlikely that I’m going to get any more out of her than the party waffle…. to coin a phrase… I’m no wiser and no better informed.  That’s it for tonight… I’m off  for a glass of wine.  Have a good evening…. Care for a glass of  cheap British red wine, Home Secretary?  Cheap… 15%, available in all good off licences and excellent for binge drinkers … does the business.


Important Update: Carl Gardner has a very useful update on the Damien Green affair – and rather more sensible than my parody above.

The Lawyers goes Australian sitcom style…

It was only a matter of time before I decided to set “The Lawyers” movie series in the style of Australian sitcom Neighbours and Home and Away.

The Lawyers 5
In Episode 5 Charon is visited by counter-terror police to ask if he has any government files or laptops in his possession… and… on that note… I think it may be time to say goodnight.

Don’t worry… I shall take a break from this nonsense and resume normal nonsense soon…

Daily Legal News… and make your own movies?

Daily News and blog coverage up on Insite Law – Podcast by 11.00.Daily Daily

I have found (Hat Tip to William Flack Blog) a marvellous way of wasting even yet more time.

Watch the film… you too can make bizarre movies… click here.


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