George Osborne to present Bake Off

On a matter of Scotland…

George Osborne as Editor of The London Evening Standard is unlikely to ever support Labour, Liberals or anyone other than the Tories.  The appointment is, clearly, absurd.  But Mr Osborne does ‘absurd’ rather well?

West End Final LATEST…

For the record… I always separate the politics from the man or woman.  I’m sure that George Osborne and his political mates are good people….. and I suspect that if I ever met any of them I would enjoy doing so.  I met Margaret Thatcher and found her absolutely charming and very friendly. A very clever and thoughtful lady.   Years ago.

I enjoy politics and I enjoy the parody side of it.  Harmless enough entertainment!


Rive Gauche: Tories – very few left in Scotland – listening to Prime Minister May at speech in Glasgow

I had no idea that there were so many Tories in Scotland.  I’ve only met one – and that was in Perth manning a Tory Party stand in the High Street with no visitors. . Perhaps The Tory spin doctors got a ‘Busload of older people on a trip to Margate’ and shipped them up to Perth ?  Nothing would surprise me.   They don’t seem to be enjoying the experience much.    Perhaps The Tory spin doctors should have laced the coffees with Scotch?