Buffoon du Jour 1: UKIP councillor insists ‘lots’ of people believe gays will cause the apocalypse

The UKIPpers are a strange lot to be sure, but this example of buffoonery takes a fair bit of beating…

“A senior UKIP politician has weighed in to defend a boxer who claimed homosexuals will bring about the apocalypse – by insisting “lots” of people share his views.

Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury has controversially been nominated for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award – after claiming that homosexuality and paedophilia will bring about the apocalypse.

Police are currently investigating a hate crime complaint against the boxer – who has also claimed that sex with children was legalised by a fictional ‘Gay Rights Act 1977’.”

I marvel...the rest of the article is here

I thought I would start a new Buffoon du Jour category.  I suspect that UKIP people will feature in it fairly often.  Strange people, to be sure. The Boxer may have had too many boxing blows to the head?