A great day…

I have had a great day out with my friend and former Co-director Nicole Rollo in my law school running days. Nicole travelled from Newbury, Berkshire, to see me. Her husband, Major-General Rollo (now dead, sadly) was also a good friend and designed the electronic database for my law school while he was out in the Gulf fighting a war.  A very good man.  I am not surprised he rose to the rank of Major-General.  He was a very popular man, I am told, with his men and  in many circles.



Rive Gauche: The Rain Gods gather like a clan of Tartan Wearers over Scone, Perth & Kinross

I was told by a friend in Perth this afternoon – a fellow cigar smoker – that I must be the only person in Scotland who actually enjoys RAIN.  I do.  After years of living in and working in Hot, sunny, countries – my favourite season is Winter.  I like rain, snow, dark skies and brooding, mildly pissed, calls for Scots Independence! Cry Freedom…. !



Time for some comment from ex-Tory MP and barrister Jerry Hayes

jerryhayes5“I know this is the silly season and I enjoy the manufactured stories about skate boarding ferrets, trampolining squirrels and Diane Abbott having a functioning brain rather than a bowl of custard as much as anybody. The Amish Wing of the Tories nowadays avoid the grouse moors and prefer bespoke baby seal clubbing holidays in Nova Scotia. Corbynistas are in a bit of a dilemma though. Normally they would be off to the socialist paradise of Venezuela, but sadly this gloriously successful country has been systematically undermined by Imperialist American running dogs, forcing its benign government to arrest the traitors, spies and saboteurs that make up the press, judiciary and any political opposition.

So apart from the Trump administration making May’s government look strong and stable and the prospect of a world war triggered by two madman with bad hair there isn’t a lot to write about. Yet there is something bizarre occupying tiny Tory minds. The phenomenon that has become Jacob Rees Mogg. The peculiar case of the Mogg in the night. Now Moggy is a decent old cove and a genuine, rather than manufactured eccentric, unlike Despicable Me impersonator Bozo. Mind you, if someone was brave enough to crack open their sperm banks in 50 years time they would be disappointed. The the tanks would have run dry. These guys don’t come fecund best. Moggy in the sanctity of a catholic marriage and Bozo like an alley cat on viagra. If the the Tory bible, Conservative Home, is to be believed (it’s more Old Testament than New filled with lots of old smite) the Bozo joke is wearing thin and they seem to prefer the cut of young Moggy’s jib. Most sentient folk would scream with hysterical laughter at the thought of a Mogg premiership, but remember we are talking about the Conservative Party many of whom don’t always take their medication and once, when in a floridly Psychotic state, actively considered making Andrea Loathesome their leader.

I haven’t a clue who will be the next Tory leader. But it will be sooner rather than later. This is the most incompetent government I have ever had the misfortune to witness. At a time when we should be in concessionary mode with the EU, Madame is sending edicts from the top of some Swiss mountain about hardening our position. They just haven’t got a clue. And the right wing press cheer her on by calling any of us who commit the heresy of not saying that Brexit will bring us a glorious future traitors. Someone pray for us.

I’m probably wrong but I suspect that Madame will be dissuaded from soldiering on until Armageddon in 2019 by her husband Philip. It will then be too late as we would have been cast into the seventh circle of hell by Barnier and his gang of cheese eating surrender monkeys.

The Tory party conference will be a jittery affair. No great cheers for Madame who will be treated with the respect one gives to a family pet which will have to be put down but nobody has the courage to decide precisely when. It will be dominated by the leadership hopefuls beauty parade. A bit like Love Island for old people. Where everyone gets fucked”

Jerry Hayes Blog 

(Jerry is a good friend.  I’m still not convinced that he is a real Tory – a ‘Secret Liberal’ ?  But a good lawyer and a good friend to me over many years. Helped me greatly some time ago when I needed help.  Did not hesitate for a moment to help.)

Rive Gauche: Trump removing statues?

I will, of course, return to detailed analysis of the laws of our realm when August comes to an end and we move towards an even more ‘dystopian world’ under the Tories and President Trump.

Until then… I shall smoke a few cigars, drink some whisky, enjoy some small Cafe Creme cigars and marvel.   I shall also walk 15 miles a day until the end of the year…rain or shine. I have many rain hats.

Guest Post: What Do You Need to Become a Private Investigator in New Jersey?

What Do You Need to Become a Private Investigator in New Jersey?
Clark Palmer


There aren’t as many careers that can be as fulfilling and exciting as being a private investigator. If you are the type of person who has a sense of adventure, a knack for getting hunches right, and a keen eye for details, then this job may just be for you.


Most importantly, this kind of service is in high demand in many places all over the country, and being a private investigator in New Jersey is one of the most lucrative assignments you can ever have. As a highly populated and diverse state, New Jersey residents have growing needs for domestic investigations such as those involving spousal infidelity, child custody, and the like.


Top pay

According to the most recent available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are close to 300 licensed private investigators working in New Jersey as of 2012, and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development projects is anticipating this number to grow by a rate of 8% annually up to the year 2020.


It might interest you to know as well that, as of 2012, the annual median salary of private detectives in the state was pegged at $54,370, with the average salary for those in the top tenth percentile reaching as high as $90,980.


Getting licensed

If you are thinking of getting into this line of work, do know that it is a highly regulated and licensed profession. This is justifiably so since it involves handling sensitive information, taking undercover action and interacting with other individuals. Here are the steps that you need to take to become a full-fledged, legally practicing private investigator in New Jersey:


Meet the minimum age and residency requirements. You should be a resident of the United States and at least 25 years of age to become eligible for licensing as a private investigator in New Jersey.  

Attain relevant education and career experience. For you to become a licensed private detective in the state, you must prove that you have had at least 5 years of experience as a police officer with a local or state department, or an investigator within a country, city, state or federal organization. Strictly speaking, there is no requirement for a particular college course or degree in order to become a private investigator. However, having a degree in criminal justice or similar related fields is an advantage because you gain relevant knowledge in the criminal justice system.

Submit to electronic fingerprinting. You need to submit to electronic fingerprinting process before applying for a license. Contact the New Jersey State Police–Private Detective Unit at (609) 633-9835 to request for a temporary agent license number, which will be needed in the Universal Fingerprint Form. You will then need this to set an appointment on www.bioapplicant.com where you can also find accredited MorphoTrak sites that you can visit where the fingerprinting will be carried out. Note that this process will cost you a fee of $67.50.

Apply for the license. After meeting these initial requirements, you may now proceed to actually applying for a license to become a private investigator in New Jersey. Accomplish the form (available online at: http://www.njsp.org/info/pdf/pdet/sp-171.pdf) and submit it to the New Jersey State Police together with the following:

  • $250 application fee (for individuals)
  • Passport-size photo
  • At least 5 professional references on your competency as a licensed private investigator
  • Accomplished and notarized Authorization for Release of Information form (included in the general application form)
  • A Detective Agency License Surety Bond of at least $3,000 (for individuals)

You may mail the submission to the New Jersey State Police: Private Detective Unit, P.O. Box 7068, West Trenton, NJ 08628.

Don’t forget to renew your license every two years, where you must also make sure that your surety bond is updated. You will have to re-submit your fingerprints again through the same online process.

Get affiliated. Once that you have received your license, congratulations! You can now get to work or enjoy gainful employment as a private detective in New Jersey. To enhance your practice and gain credibility, consider joining professional organizations in the state or national level. These memberships can help a lot in terms of networking and continuing training and education through conferences and seminars.

A rewarding career

Embarking on a career as a licensed professional private detective may take some effort, but these are all worth it in ensuring that you present your best, trustworthy self to clients. You may choose to strike it out on your own and build your own detective agency, or you can find rewarding employ for law firms, insurance companies, the local or state government, and even private individuals.