“Charon QC” is a lawyer, after a fashion, but is not a practitioner. He has taught law for many years – and, to his surprise, still enjoys law; although he enjoys other academic interests as well. Law is fascinating more in the human interest than the letter, but compared to literature, science or philosophy, it does not engage the mind in quite the same way. He awarded himself the title QC when the Lord Chancellor suspended the award for real lawyers. Now, as no-one can instruct him in any matter, or would wish to, he is free to comment as he wishes on matters which catch his attention. He is, of course, a figment of a febrile imagination . He drinks Rioja – in fact he will drink any red wine, smokes Marlboro, reads all the newspapers (3 Tabloids 4 broadsheets…most days) , has a passion for motorbikes and sips espressos three time a day – ordering two each time. He sleeps for 4 hours a night – but that is his problem. He gets up and starts work (sometimes, it has to be said… writing a blog post) between 3.30 – 4.00 every morning…

When he finds a meal he enjoys – he eats it every day until he can no longer face eating it again. At breakfast, he always has one egg, two slices of toast, two slices of bacon, some baked beans, two espressos, a glass of tap water and an undisclosed number of Marlboro cigarettes – and always starts eating the egg first… on a bit of buttered toast; turning the plate around so the egg is conveniently on the right hand side of the plate. He did not know he did this until it was pointed out to him by several friends. Breakfast takes approximately 35 minutes and is often taken while reading his tabloid of choice and The Indie… and then it is but a short motorbike ride back to his Staterooms where the day can begin. Breakfast is at 7.00 and more often than not Charon sits at a table outside – even in very cold weather – so he can keep an eye on the world as it goes by. He can also smoke outside without offending other early risers.

Charon has now moved to his Staterooms-On-Thames..at Battersea… right on the river so he can look at gulls, ducks and cormorants…and rowers etc etc.

For the avoidance of doubt… I write the Charon Blawg for my own amusement and if people visit and enjoy it – great!.  I don’t tolerate abusive commenters who slag other commenters / bloggers  off – if they have a go at me they do so knowing that I will deal with it my own way should they be offensive.  I’m quite good at blowing ‘the bloody doors off’ and even better at it now … now that I  am a master of The Way of the Smoker with my Smokedo! and if you want to know what that is – just type Smokedo into the search box or into Google and you’ll enter a new world.

My name is Mike Semple Piggot – I do the sensible stuff in Law review sections, commentaries and podcasts on the Charon blog and my free Contract and Sale of Goods Act books and recorded lectures are my other website  Insite Law magazine

And.. I founded BPP Law School with BPP Holdings PLC in 1990 … and still retain an interest in all legal education.  I am non-aligned and independent.  I work for myself.

I have returned to live out the remainder of my life in Scotland.  I am a Scot and went to Glenalmond in Perthshire for school.  I am living in Perth – but may move to the smaller town of Crieff, some 11 miles or so away – a particularly beautiful town.  The Pirate flag on my header is blue – a play on Scotland’s flag, the saltire.


As it Happened I did not move to Crieff. I moved to Scone – pronounced Scoon – 2.5 miles from Perth.  Scone is a small village with one shop, one pub and a marvellous duck pond full of ducks and gulls.  The ducks are friendly.  regular readers of my blog will know that I particularly like ducks.  I even enjoying eating duck when I go to Chinese restaurants. The Scone ducks are, however, safe.

Prone to tilting at Windmills….

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  2. Hi Charon,

    A story from a nespaper in Cork, where a guy who broke into a prison had been to court. The headline in the paper read ” Man breaks into prison escapes jail”

    I thought you would like that


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  4. Hello,

    I see that the Charon QC website gives really useful information. We have created a public interest website at http://www.exploreenumbers.co.uk/home.htm focused on e number information, hazards and advice, which I thought may be of interest to your visitors.

    We don’t make any profit from the site but we’d like to spread the word and get the information out to as many people as possible. Links from sites like ttp://charonqc.wordpress.com/ are really valuable to us and I was wondering if you could place a link to ExploreENumbers?

    Please let me know if you’d like any more information about our site, or if there is someone else I need to speak to about this.

    Thanks in advance

    Stacey Gallagher

  5. I have had to become a ‘student’ of law because I am prosecuting a case for breach of contract against a local Authority.
    Surprise, surprise you say-
    in my case which like every other LIP, i considered it ‘open & closed in my favour – Silly Billy.
    At present I am floundering, mainly because in the first place I have little or no finance, and secondly because I did not have my Bundles ready for the trial – I was hoping to getan adjournment but was refused and had to proceed with but a rew hours to prepare.
    at this stage frankly I need someone to help me either pro-Bono or CFA – or a young buck who procedurally is able and who wants to beard the lion and prove just how good he is.
    ANy kind of advice or assistance would be SOOO welcome as my trial for quantum is on 18/19/20th March.

    Many thanks

  6. Hello Paulus… My ‘About’ section is not the best place for a request for help.

    You may get an answer if you go to our new discussion board on http://www.consilio.tv.

    Bloggers… in the main (at least those I know in the UK) … tend not to use their blawgs for answering questions…. and I’m afraid I don’t have the knowledge to assist you on your specific question.

    Good luck.. as they say !

  7. Ooops, accidental post, would have like to remove the “you are” and insert “your” plus lots more flattery! Anyway, you are a superstar!

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  9. Goodness gracious Mike, what a scream ! – how are you – love your blogs – you’re riding a motorbike(fab), still smoking silk cut , teaching and somewhere in London. Remember me of the gun metal shoes? This is a personal mail and would love to hear from you after many years

  10. Diana

    We have talked – and great to hear from you after all these years. I have, as you know, emailed….

    I make no admissions as to gun metal shoes 🙂

  11. Motorcycle, eh? That rather threw me, but I suppose a Jag XJS is somewhat less practical than in days of yore.

    Any doubts about your continuing sanity have been put to rest by learning of your breakfast habits although I was a little surprised to hear you go for buttered toast under your egg rather than a fried slice.

    Non lawyers can never understand the need for ones breakfast egg to be in the correct position. They are much to be pitied.

    Keep up the good work, now that I have found your blog I will follow it avidly.

  12. Fatbigot

    Thank you for posting – I have emailed – but I would like to express my thanks to you for your support of my long held belief that the eg has to be in the correct position prior to and during the process of consumption.

  13. Charon QC

    I think you will find this site a real gem: http://www.thelawpages.com It’s a freely searchable criminal database linked to the legal team involved in prosecuting and defending – could you be in there? I hope your visitors find it both an interesting tool and a useful resource.

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  16. Dear Sir,

    Believe it or not I am a great fan of yours! I have been an avid reaser of your blog for many months now, and am fascinated by your sense of humour combined with your knowledge. I am a struggling (but aspiring!) student of the Bar, and find it somewhat of an amusing realisation that there also exist those who fall outside of this category and whose biggest concern is not obtaining a pupilage!

    With love,

    Saira Aga

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  21. Would you let me know what Podcasting software you use?

    I recently bought a Podcasting kit from Amazon and the software is called cakewalk (and it most certainly is not!) by Sonic LE and even my IT man can’t make it work.

    • Hi. I use Garageband on a Mac

      On the PC I record with Total Recorder and edit in Audacity.

      I use a Sennheiser professional microphone on Mac and Sennheiser headphones on te PC

      I do all my podcasts my Skype

      Good luck

  22. Have just been introduced to your blog – by proxy – through a chance meeting this morning in Battersea Square. We seem to share a number of things, an interest in law, a taste for red wine and cigarettes and a postcode; wars have been fought over less.., Anyway I’m the other half and I wanted to introduce myself (thereby replacing the proxy) and have to say, “love what you’ve done to the place”. An excellent blog and hopefully soon an excellent neighbour – perhaps we might share a couple of coffees in the Square when next the sun shines…

    Oh, and ‘vermin in ermine’ – very funny.

  23. The is the first time that I have commented on a legal blog. I respect your approach – you “tell it how it is” regardless of impressions as you are no longer practising and I believe straight talking in the law is what is needed in any event.

    I am a practising solicitor and wonder want you think about the information on my website as at: http://www.accident-claim-expert.co.uk and my blog as at: http://www.accident-claim-expert.co.uk/blog/

    I try to describe the law and blogs in a straight forward manner to demistify the law for the everyday person.

    As I once suffered as a child accident victim – I provide free legal help to ensure others do not miss out on their rights.

  24. Stumbled across this blog recently thanks to Twitter… good stuff!

    Also your tweets re: QT tonight have had me in stitches – more good stuff!

  25. Very nice! Certainly, you’ve put a great deal of effort into this!

    I would be grateful if you could perhaps add our new website to your Blogroll, which is probably the longest blogroll I’ve ever seen; probably good enough to rival Charmin! You will notice, and indeed if you look at my site, that I’m a big fan of puns.

    Our website is http://www.scotslawblog.com

    All the best

  26. Hi Mike, a.k.a. Charon,

    Your description reminds me of a man who taught me a lot and with whom I worked for creating the first english law-school online. I think that it even made CNN at the time…

    Anyway, greetings from Amsterdam!
    Hope this few words find you well…

    I’ll be in London next month, maybe we can catch up?

    All the best,

    Oscar Winkelaar

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  30. Mike,

    We’ve been trying to contact you regarding our website and whether you’d be willing to participate (and no this isn’t horrible blog spam!) but we can’t find an email address to send the information to you.

    If you’d be willing to find out more can you send us an email via the address included with this comment? And we’ll try and explain.



  31. Dear Charon QC

    I would like to make you aware of an important court hearing in Northern Ireland on 7th March 2011. The Court will have regard to the jurisdiction of the court and that of the excecutive among other very fundamental legal matters.

    The hearing will also consider evidence suggesting the most serious of crimes within the NI Prosecution Service. This arose from my having taken one of the Prosecutor’s files with me from the courtroom.

    A little of about me; I was ‘unlawfully’ convicted (in legal sense and not a rant) in 1992 and had that conviction reversed last March by the NI Appeal Court.

    In 2002 the NI Court of Appel had concluded that my original conviction was unlawful before reviving the void conviction on entirely new grounds; specifically that a witness had told lies while testifying. (my first appeal simply rubber stamped the unlawful conviction).

    Without any legal assistance I successfully overturned the 2002 judgment and thus my case was re-opened.

    After winning my third appeal (re-opened 2nd appeal) the NI Justice Minister has usurped the role of the court and has determined me to be guilty where the court and due process could not. I am simply trying to raise awareness of my case as it gives me a sense of protection that people know about it and I will not go through more of the same, thus my email to you.

    In fairness to the current NI Court it recognises the application as one of ‘criminal cause’ and so is prepared to hear argument, and receive evidence, of serious criminal conduct within the NI legal system. That probably does not happen very often and it would not put the three respondant institutional bodies on notice if I were simply being vexatious?

    Kind Regards

    Here is a tv news broadcast on my case if you are interested http://www.u.tv/News/Cleared-Christy-Walsh-slams-PPS/1a22faba-55ac-46c6-a7ec-d5f7aed4b495

  32. Discovered you recently, tho suspect you existed beforehand. Enjoying your tweets. Keep up the good drinking. Irish BL.

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  34. Any chance of making a low-bandwith version of the Without Prejudice podcast? You’re knacking my download limits!

    Love the show. I’ve nothing to do with the law professionally, and luckily haven’t (yet) got into… ‘difficulties’ with it. Am just interested. Is pitched perfect for me. Thanks.

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  38. Hello,

    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    – Kathleen Hubert

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  40. My company CML Recruitment in Hong Kong is interested in asking you to be a guest blogger on our website http://www.cmlrecruitment.com.hk

    We are one of the leading legal recruitment companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently our consultants and myself use the blog frequently but we are interested in having content from people outside our organisation. Please contact me and let me know if this will be of interest to you. Obviously we could include a link to your blog to drive traffic to you and also include links on our weekly newsletters.

  41. Hello,

    Love your blog. It’s clear that you’re a philosopher by heart in the way you write your posts! I’d love to be a guest blogger, please contact to discuss! I can show examples of writing for other legal websites too if needs be. Our website is – *Deleted by Charon who does not like spam on his comments sections*

  42. Just to add to the last comment, I would love to write a guest piece for your blog. I know you get a number of these such requests! I specialise in immigration and employment law. Please get in touch and we can discuss. In the meantime, perhaps you can take a look at our site and tell us what you think.. mulberryfinch.com/blog

  43. Hi!

    As I’m sure you are, we care about making law graduates as employable as possible and giving them the best helping hand we can. Because of this, we have created a list of Training Contract deadlines (http://www.allaboutcareers.com/campaigns/training-contract-deadlines-2012) that we think is a really useful tool for upcoming grads.

    I was just wondering, is there any way in which we could have a link to this or feature on your blog?

    Warmest regards,

    Olivia from Allaboutcareers.com

  44. Hi

    Well what can I say other than a well deserved QC award congrats, and your blog just reading so perfect, would love to be a ghost writer for your blog in law related DNA testing themes. Please contact me back.



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  48. Hi Mike.
    Thought you had left Chiswick!
    Good to see you are in the land of the living.
    Sandy(the cabbie,controller,etc.,etc.,)

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  50. I am very honoured that you follow me on #SaveUKJustice seeing as I am a Non Lawyer, then my Honouring is doubled.
    I am not surprised at the number of your Followers and their seriousness thereof.
    A Key Legal Voice she says cos she knows one when she sees one.
    I am @govsocgradessex FYI/
    Best wishes and get well soon!
    Kate xxxx

  51. Hi there,

    I recently came across your blog and was wondering if there were any sponsored post opportunities available? I represent a number of law clients who are looking to sponsor posts with a contextual link in the text itself.

    Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in, or if you have any similar alternatives and we can discuss further and make arrangements.

    You can contact me on James.Dart@accordgroup.co.uk.



  52. Hi Mike, I came across your blog as I was searching for your contact number on the internet. As always, your candid and eloquent exposition on all things law is unrivalled. You were the reason for the success that was Holborn College and BPP and many generations of lawyers are beholden to you. You taught us more than law, you taught us to think, challenge the black letter tradition and be all that we could be. You inspired us. Thank you Mike.

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