#Brexit 101 Examination paper


Examination Paper

You have 2 months to answer the following question,  Extra marks will be awarded for ‘spectacular tedium and dullness in your answer. You may use any EU approved law books, casebooks and papers  to answer the question…or you could say “Dragons’ Den’ style…  “I’m Out” in which case you will graduate with First Class Honours.

“The European Union was a post World War II construct to stop the major European nations killing each other in pointless Wars.  It is ironic that Germany now leads the European Union and dictates to the rest of the countries.”



One thought on “#Brexit 101 Examination paper

  1. If that was a question, this is an answer.

    Here in norn iron, which is called Northern Ireland by the overlords in England, we aim for the Schrödinger-Davis Brexit. We will be both inside the EU and entirely outside it. We will ensure that there is regulatory non-divergence, alignment and yet have harmonisation.

    That being so, I claim my 1st class hons degree, and the Charon prize for the best essay.

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