Three years of study is one year too long for a basic law degree

After 35+ years in law, including time running BPP Law School which I founded – I take the view that it is not necessary for a degree to be done over three years.  Students are bright and hardworking.


The basic LLB law degree could easily be done in 2 years – 12 subjects of study and the Bar/Legal Practice Course could be tagged on as the 3rd  year.  This would result in substantial savings for students and no loss to universities. There will always  be more law students coming up the ladder of education.

Will the Universities do this?  Highly unlikely.  Many who run British Universities are reactionaries with very fixed views.  The don’t care much for the opinions of ‘Outsiders’ like me even though I spent 35 years in legal education and founded one of Britain’s most successful law schools – BPP law School – now a University.  I would hazard a guess that having founded BPP Law School will make some of the legal education dinosaurs even less likely to listen to my views.   Good people, but set in their views and ways since their early twenties?

Anyway…not really my problem now…but as the younger people say…”Just saying!”

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