Zambia – One Zambia, One Nation

zambianflagI worked in Zambia before University for Anglo-American – as a trainee geologist.  I read geology at university before changing to Law. I really enjoyed my time in the Bush, living in a tent and living off tins of food and Daika (small deer) and Kudu (Very large deer)  we were able to shoot. We were licensed to do so.  We dried the meat we could not eat and turned it into delicious dried meat – Biltong.  I still buy biltong when I see it appear in Supermarkets in Perth.  Surprisingly, Biltong does appear!  I saw Lion, elephants, crocodiles close up – the lion, but 20 yards away.  Fortunately, the lion simply looked at us and walked past.

I was in Zambia in 1971 – but knew it as a kid from 1968 when my father moved to run the Dunlop Office in Lusaka.  I had a lot of fun in Zambia and met some fascinating people, including President Kaunda (I taught his son to swim) and many others. Fantastic country. I was a serious swimmer – front crawl 100 metres 51.4 secs – close to the then World Record.  Unfortunately the Warden (Head Master) at Trinity College Glenalmond denied permission for me to swim at the 1968 Commonwealth Games because I needed to study for my O Levels.  I got 11 O levels.  I would have still got those ‘O’ levels even if I had represented my country.

kabakaronnieI have many connections with Africa.  I was born in Accra, Ghana in 1953 when it was The Gold Coast and I taught Ronnie Mutebi Law – the Kabaka of Buganda – a very nice man. I have a photo of Ronnie Mutebi holding my Samurai sword in my office when he was a law student at my law school.

I also taught law to the Nigerian who was transported to Israel in a coffin -Umaro Dikko – a very amusing man. 


I was told by a very kind African man, Bornwall Nguleka, in Zambia who knew my background that I was an African and a Scotsman.  I agree. I am – and proud to be both.

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