I will walk up Goatfell – 3000 ft – when I return to the West Coast of Scotland in the early new year

I will move back to Fairlie / Largs on the Clyde Coast of Scotland opposite the two Cumbrae Islands with the Isle of Arran 14 miles distance.  I plan to do this in January 2018.   I have walked up Goatfell (3000ft) many times.  I will do it again once more wearing a Tartan Hat with feathers in it.  I takes about three hours…The walk down is easier. I have been to  the top of Goatfell 15 times in my life. I’d like to make it 16 times. My family lived in Fairlie when I was a lad..when my father was on leave from working in Malaysia for Dunlop.  My cousin Ronald Stewart owned two hotels on the Isle of Arran , Including The Lagg Hotel – a good bloke who refused to sell one of his properties to Madonna for a very large sum. Ronald was a great chef who seared his steaks for customers with a red hot poker to give that ‘grilled effect’ !  He is a great chef and a very amusing man.


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