Retiring from law

I’ve decided to retire after 40 years of law – I will post on here when I want to.  I am going to study Scots history and walk many miles with my camera, Glengarry hat with feathers in it and my walking stick…which I purchased from the Salvation Army shop in Perth.

I buy many items from their shop.

I have a book “40 walks in Perthshire”  I will do them all in time….some of the walks are long walks – 20 miles.  I  walk 10 miles every day…and, so far, have done that for a year.

I am also going to return to The West Coast and rent a flat in Fairlie or Largs.…one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.  Lived in Fairlie as a youngster.  Here are some Pics of Fairlie 

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