A sign over the Exit door at The Imperial War Museum in London reads “Britain was involved in wars in 98 of the 100 years in the 20th Century”

My father fought at Alamein. Black Watch – 8th Army.   He survived and was decorated. After the war I found his medals when I was 10.  He took them off me and threw them in the dustbin.  He had 11 medals from memory. He refused to wear a Poppy.  His view was that those who died, military and civilian would always be remembered without a paper poppy.

He admired the men and women who had to fight.  He had absolutely no respect for any politicians who took our country into these wars in this and other countries.

I always wear a Red poppy as a mark of respect to those who fought for our freedom and particularly those who were killed in warfare.   I thought of joining the Royal Marines when I was at University.  I am glad that I did not have to fight and we are lucky to have highly trained, professional and intelligent armed forces who volunteer for service.

I hope that they do not have to be used in warfare in the future. I have a feeling that they will, however.



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