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Whether it’s selfies, Siri or smartphones, we associate 25-35-year-olds with all things technology – however, one thing this demographic are rarely associated with is plants.

This is changing, thanks to the SmartPlant app that allows users to upload their plant colle

ction and receive horticultural care advice.

SmartPlant currently offers users a free ‘lite’ version of the app, as well as a full-feature premium service. The latter allows users to speak to plant experts in their local area, and receive monthly advice relevant to their plants.

The app avoids complicated horticultural jargon that tends to put people off plant care. So, whatever your age or plant knowledge, the app will help you to keep your plants alive.

The central focus of SmartPlant’s design is simplicity; easy to understand with a clean, clear design. This makes SmartPlant relevant and simple for the younger generation to get plant care avice, as well as straightforward for an older, less tech-savvy generation.

SmartPlant’s latest innovation, barcode-scanning technology, allows users to receive a free premium membership with each plant they buy and receive monthly care advice.

Once a customer has scanned a plant, the app links to the specific garden centre and products relevant to their monthly advice, helping shops to retain customers, actively engage them, and boost sales.

This provides a useful service to customers and retailers alike.

SmartPlant’s data also gives garden centres an idea of who their customers are.

Offering in-store plant experts is costly, however SmartPlant is removing this barrier for retailers.

The barcode scanning technology makes it easy for customers to add their existing plant collection into their digital garden, and receive a care calendar and botanic advice.

Once logged in, users will have a smart list of what plants they have and what additional products they need, for example plant fertilizer, or specialist pots or compost for re-potting – making SmartPlant an asset to both customers and garden centres.

SmartPlant is now equity crowdfunding in order to grow its technology and make it compatible with voice-activated services such as Amazon Alexa.

When SmartPlant was originally launched it was simply a plant ID app, much like the music-identification app, Shazam. Now with its new barcode-scanning technology, the subscription service is more like Spotify and Apple Music, where you can have an expansive library of your plant collection in digital form.

With expert guidance, the less experienced gardener will have all the information they need, and in-turn, the confidence to raise and care-for plants that may be more demanding than they are used to.

And with a booming UK gardening industry worth £5 billion, even after excluding the landscaping and amenity sectors, SmartPlant is tapping into a huge market.



George Williams is the CEO of SmartPlant – an app that helps plant lovers to care for their plants in the easiest way possible. It provides a unique care calendar for each of your plants, and a chat service with a team of more 100 plant experts around the world, allowing you to keep your plants happy, healthy and beautiful.


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