A 20 mile walk on the morrow…if it does not rain too hard

Planning a 20 mile walk for the morrow….provided it does not rain too hard.  I have a Barbour rain hat and two cameras and a fine walking stick and a book on Perthshire walks. I enjoy walking10-20 miles a day  and meet up with other old gits in Perth who smoke and laugh…there are some fine older gentlemen in Perth who enjoy smoking and having a laugh and a fine pub The Half a Tanner – where the Guinness is poured expertly as I fall in the door at opening time at 11.00.  I take my Guinness with a small Cafe Creme cigar wearing a Tartan Glengarry hat with many unusual  feathers in it.- and other clothes, of course, including trousers and heavy duty professional walking boots.

Have a good weekend…

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