Buying a fast Motorbike

hindablackbirdI’ve decided to go back to biking and buy myself a second hand Honda Blackbird.  I have had 21 motorbikes in my life – mostly Honda Fireblades 900cc and Honda Blackbirds 1100cc.  Top speed is 198mph.  I also bought a Ducati 916 which was fun. Got stopped in Spain by Guardia Civil bike cop at 6.00 am on a motorway near Mojacca – empty road – doing 194 mph.  I was on a Honda Blackbird. Speed limit was 80 mph..  The cop fired a red flare into the air and the red smoke was very visible as was his light wand to wave me in!  He just laughed.  We smoked cigars and sat on each others bikes and chatted.  He did suggest that I only drove at 30 mph above speed limit near the big towns and cities on my way back as Motorway car cops were not so amusing or relaxed.  It was good advice.

I am going to get back on a bike – I am on a ‘Mission’. The bike pictured above was one of my Blackbirds.  A good second hand Blackbird is not expensive.  Few bikers want such a fast bike these days in Britain and prefer the slightly smaller 900 cc bikes like Fireblades etc.

The best money I spent was not on a bike but on an Advanced Riding course with a Metropolitan Police bike copper who was also a bike instructor.  a 2 day course 6 hours riding each day – in the cold pouring rain.  The instructor was brilliant.  We could talk to each other through microphones fitted in our helmets.  I was cornering at speeds of 70 mph by the end of the course – in the rain.  Before the course I would have taken those corners at 40 mph!

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