I have retired from Law blogging

freedomI am 64 and I have just had enough of Law in my life.  It has been interesting – but far less interesting than history, art, photography, politics and all books I read which interest and educate me far more than law ever did.


I regret now, looking back, ever reading Law.  That was a foolish decision – although I did enjoy quite a bit of my time teaching law – rather more than founding law schools and having the tedious hassle of actually running them.  64 current practising QCs taught at my law schools in their early days in practice.  They were excellent men and women and proved their excellence in later life in practice.  I enjoyed working with them.

I will cover the occasional law story, particularly Human Rights and matters judicial and professional  – but the blog is going to be much more varied….and eclectic, a better word for what I plan for the blog.  I will also cover what my fellow Law Bloggers are writing about.

I hope you will continue to visit from time to time.

Bon Voyage, Folks  CRY FREEEEDOM \o/


(I suspect that I will get bored of retiring from law blogging by Saturday evening and un-retire!)

Saturday night update:  Can’t possibly retire from Law blogging!


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