A visit to my Stateroom by two officers from Police Scotland

Two Police officers called on me today as a former girlfriend – a younger lawyer – was worried about me.  I had not been on Twitter since 5th May and had not responded to emails.  I explained that I had not been paid by a law firm, that I had no internet connection credits or telephone credits – nor did I receive any pension payment from the DWP.  The DWP will sort it out – but say that it would take them 5 weeks!  They had no idea what I could do for food in the meantime. Utterly useless department.   I asked the Police officers if they could let my friend know that I was OK.  They were very happy to do so and my friend sent me some money so I could actually buy some food to eat.

I am a fan of The Scottish Police.  Helpful men and women.

I was 64 last week.  A strange birthday eating sugar and drinking tea.  I had sugar and Tea bags! No food as law firm failed to pay and DWP failed to send money due to me.

But, life can only get better.  It certainly can’t get worse!  I plan to live until I am 100 to get as much pension money from our utterly useless Government.. onwards and upwards. Have a good week.



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