Harvard Law Professor: Trump May Have Committed TREASON By Urging Russia To Wage Cyberwarfare

Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe has charged in a series of tweets this week that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s invitation to Russia to engage in cyberwarfare against American interests is flatly a violation of federal law.

The celebrated liberal constitutional law professor also suggested that Trump’s statements could rise to the level of treason — a crime punishable by death.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/30/harvard-law-professor-trump-may-have-committed-treason-by-urging-russia-to-wage-cyberwarfare/#ixzz4FvAcsBTj

A novel by Tabitha Stirling: Blood on the Banana Leaf

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore’s maid culture by Tabatha Stirling


A novel by a friend of mine about modern Singapore.  I knew Singapore well – lived there as a child 50 years ago and have taught many Singaporean lawyers during my teaching years.

Do have a look – Here is a synopsis from the website

The Synopsis

Here are the stories of Lucilla, Ma’am Leslie, Shammi and Madame Eunice as they strive in their own ways, to exist in a country that harbours darkness below its pristine exterior. As the narrative weaves, it’s candid and often brutal way through the lives of each woman, it examines the effects of loss, madness, violence and hope during a woman’s life and in society as a whole.

Lucilla, a maid from the Phillippines, Leslie, a Ma’am from Bristol, Shammi, a maid from a village in Myanmar and Madame Eunice, a Chinese-Singaporean Ma’am, all live in Sabre Green, a leafy enclave on the West Coast of Singapore.

Lucilla has a kind employer who respects her but Lucilla’s smiles mask an episode of a brutal rape and she frets about her parents in Leyte who rely on the money she sends home. Eventually, after confronting her rapist, she leaves Singapore with her employers for a new life.

Leslie has married ‘up’ to a wealthy diplomat who is abusive and having an affair with their maid, Jocelyn. When Jocelyn becomes pregnant, Leslie takes on the role of ‘maid’, while Jocelyn and Ralph live as a married couple. After Ralph disappears in a cloud of blackmail and sexual scandal, Jocelyn agrees to give the baby to Leslie after the birth.

Shammi lives a harsh and lonely existence with a physically abusive employer who controls every aspect of her life. Exhausted from lack of food and guilt-ridden over a sexual assault by her employer’s husband, Shammi attempts suicide but is saved by her kind neighbour.

Madame Eunice is a pillar of Singaporean society but has made many enemies and when Eunice is betrayed by a friend, she suffers a psychotic episode that ends in the murder of Little Ping, her majhong partner. She is sectioned and eventually throws herself off the asylum roof pursued by demons, both real and imaginary.

A Japanese Samurai Katana for sale – also The Roman Forum

I sell some unusual items.  The Japanese replica katana is one of my favourites.  Many years ago when I lived in Chiswick with my then wife, I asked a friend attending one of our dinner parties to throw a pineapple into the air.  I drew the Katana and cut the pineapple in half.  Amused me….there was a fair bit of pineapple juice about, though.

If you would like to buy the katana – I am selling it for £50 + Postage




And a watercolour of the Roman Forum done when I went to Rome for a weekend 30 years ago. £25 + Postage  (This was 30 years before my F*ckArt period!)

Rewind Scone and other pics of Perth

It was a fine queue with some amusing people in it.


Just over the hill was a queue…it was a very long queue

An excellent Gentleman’s barber… they do the business and even cut hair…rather well. Amusing owner.

Sir Chris Hoy is popular in Scotland.  I have to say that I have not, however, seen many (any) people actually getting on a bike to cycle…recently…or at all.

The Maid of Perth – a beautiful bronze….in the High Street.

An excellent Pub – probably the best pub in Perth.  Amusing hosts!

And…Blackadders Solicitors.  Great name….

Another amusingly named firm of Solicitors…McCash & Hunter.  I will get a photo of their office soon.