A bit of legal news…and The Boaty McBoatface Party

Legal Cheek reports: Junior criminal lawyer pleads GUILTY to conspiracy to supply cocaine

“A rookie lawyer has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to supply cocaine at Nottingham Crown Court.

Omar Khan, 31, appearing in court via video link from Nottingham prison on Friday, admitted to conspiracy to supply a Class A substance. Having been charged back in December 2015 by police, Khan was remanded in custody and spent Christmas behind bars. He will be sentenced on April 15.

According to local newspaper The Nottingham Post, the conspiracy took place between October 1 and December 1 2015, and involved the “recovery of one kilogram of cocaine”.

Khan was called to the bar in 2009 and went on to qualify as a solicitor in 2012. Prior to his run in with the law, the fledgling lawyer was in the process of opening his own firm called Quantum Chambers Law, based in the Khan’s hometown of Huddersfield.

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Carl Gardner on Head of Legal: Let’s have proper no-fault divorce

“MPs are due today to debate the principle of Richard Bacon MP’s No-fault Divorce Bill.

What’s interesting about this bill is how very unradical it is. When we talk about “no fault divorce” most of us mean taking any notion of fault out of the divorce process altogether so that when you decide you want a divorce, you can get one quickly without having to accuse your partner of infidelity or unreasonable behaviour. This is the approach Ellie Cumbo took when we discussed last summer her Ground of Divorce and Dissolution Bill. It would bring in no-fault divorce for all. Notice that Ellie’s bill entirely replacessection 1 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 with a single new, no-fault ground of divorce.

Bacon’s bill does not do that. It leaves section 1 of the 1973 untouched, and simply slots in a new section 1A, creating a new way of jointly petitioning for divorce. If a married couple are agreed and cooperative enough to apply jointly for divorce by this new route, then it will be granted to them on a no-fault basis. But that’s surely a very big “if”. It’s likely the great majority of divorces would be initiated unilaterally by one of the spouses, leaving him or her still having to establish infidelity or unreasonable behaviour……..”

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David Allen Green on his Jack of Kent blog: The Boaty McBoatface Party

“The British public are trying (and succeeding) to have a £200 million boat named Boaty McBoatface.” (A viral tweet)

*This is not a party-political blog – there is good and bad, and liberal and illiberal, in all main UK parties.

But domestic politics, especially in Westminster, seem to be in a state of chaos.  The Conservative Government, in the days after Duncan Smith resigned, is imploding; Labour provides no effective Opposition; and the post-Coalition Liberal Democrats are a discredited irrelevance.

Shambles everywhere.

One may well sneer at American Trumpery – but we can’t be that far off having a similar ‘anti-politics’ mood here.

It would then just take a charismatic genius to start a populist, say, Boaty McBoatface Party and our political class would be buggered…….”

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