Pizza Express in Perth had a table for two but too farking greedy tonight to take me! OK…fine.. this is my response

I have eaten at Pizza Express in Perth pretty well every night for five months.  Tonight… the table for two was free – but, sadly, I am only one person.  They were too fucking greedy (I rarely swear – but, tonight, I will make an exception)  and busy potentially  to let me have the table. I would only have been there for 20 minutes.  That is their right – not good business though.  I went to a local Fish & Chip shop – cheaper and better food. I simply bought a small bottle of wine at a local Supermarket…a place called Sainsbury’s.  Cost me £1,50.  So cheaper

I have eaten at that Pizza Express restaurant most nights for over five months.  I am a creature of habit(s)

I will NEVER eat at a Pizza Express restaurant again unless they apologise…which they almost certainly won’t have the grace to do.  So It is unlikely that I will eat at a Pizza Express again. I remember eating Pizzas regularly at the Pizza Express‘ most famous restaurants in London  since 1980..(Covemt Garden to name but one) .and, in fact, did regular business with very amusing training directors from London Magic Circle firms in London some years back in the days when I ran BPP Law School, which I founded with BPP Holdings PLC as it then was.  They enjoyed the Pizza and the Italian  Montepulciano wine which we both enjoyed in good quantities! (One would not want to be accused as the former  director of Britain’s now largest Law School of trying to influence a London City or other firm Training Director.  They enjoyed the pizzas and wine and I enjoyed their company.

Yes… I was annoyed.  I rarely get annoyed.Maybe once in ten years?  Particularly as the table for two was free – but I was only one.  Pizza Express Perth need to learn that one is OK… Two may eat more…but unlikely to drink much more than one having a nice evening and give a good tip. Greed is NEVER a good business policy.

No Pizza Express restaurant in the UK or elsewhere will ever get my custom again. 

Here is a picture of the Perth Pizza Express in ‘less greedy times’. 

My tweed cap is on the table.  I rarely get angry – but Pizza Express – they had the SAME TABLE FREE but I am only one person.  I try to be two – Charon QC and Mike – nd Charon QC was with me in spirits.  In fact, it is Charon QC who drinks.  I never drink.  – but that is for fun…as was visiting Perth Pizza Express every might.  I shall now eat better food at a local Fish and Chip shop nearby, as I did tonight… but may have to go easy on the excellent chips to avoid turning into a fat bugger.


I am appalled that Perth Pizza Express can be so greedy and venal as to refuse a regular customer a table for two for 20 minutes – paying for a pizza and a glass of wine (£15) because they wanted to make £20 from 2 people who probably did not want wine.  Not everyone drinks wine with Pizzas.

I have been eating in Pizza Express restaurants since the VERY early days of Pizza Express – and certainly before the people running Perth Pizza Express were born.  I shall never visit another Pizza Express restaurant – anywhere in Briatin or overseas. .  Well done…Pizza Express.. you have REALLY pissed of a loyal customer who over 40 years has probably eaten more Pizzas and drunk more red wine than any of your ‘modern’ customers.  As far as I am concerned…you can fuck off… and I rarely say that in life – let alone on my blog

I encourage those of you who read my blog to let Pizza Express know your feeling on this issue…

I do enjoy the dark humour from lawyers and other friends on twitter!

Sunday 7 February: Pizza Express have apologised – an apology which I am delighted to accept.  I like the team there and they do great pizzas. 

2 thoughts on “Pizza Express in Perth had a table for two but too farking greedy tonight to take me! OK…fine.. this is my response

  1. Table for one,
    Cannot be done,
    Only two or three,
    It’s our policy.

    But don’t you see,
    I was the MD,
    Of BPP,
    And also the famous Charon QC.

    Cannot be done,
    Even if you’re three not one,
    Son, father, holy ghost.
    Another diner or you’re toast.

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