One thought on “Just a few thoughts… fortunately, I still have the ability to have some thoughts…

  1. ‘Funny that they need to have an “unacceptable behaviour team” there…….When I contacted North Wales Police’s Professional Standards Department a couple of years ago, to complain about North Wales Police’s “unacceptable behaviour” I was informed, in writing, “that I probably deserved it.”

    …….A great way to deal with serious and very embarrassing complaints from the public about their previous Chief Constable and his “perversions”, don’t you think?…….

    I also contacted ACPO, who gave me a similar reply and refused to investigate my complaint, as did the I.P.C.C. on 2 separate occasions…….

    And I wrote to 2 Home Secretaries and our current Prime Minister, but no answer from any of them as yet. (This is 2 years onward.)

    Who says justice is dead in this country?……. 🙂

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