A bit of the old ‘Rive Gauche’

It is a bit early in the new year for any law firm, or lawyer for that matter, to have managed to get themselves into the Darwin Awards or appear as a feature on RollonFriday or Legal Cheek, so I shall have to content myself with other matters…

This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy

Brussels has kept quiet about a treaty that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty

“The purpose of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is to remove the regulatory differences between the US and European nations. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. But I left out the most important issue: the remarkable ability it would grant big business to sue the living daylights out of governments which try to defend their citizens. It would allow a secretive panel of corporate lawyers to overrule the will of parliament and destroy our legal protections. Yet the defenders of our sovereignty say nothing.

A most interesting article in The Guardian from George Monbiot.

Reflecting on the death of the wonderful John Fortune and his satirical creations, with John Bird,  led me to Google.  There is a big difference between ‘satirical’ and satyrical.  An error of typing led me into a very strange world of Google pics.  At least some lawyers only wear the hair of a horse on their heads.  The amateur Satyrs go for a half man half horse look. It isn’t a good look, judging by the pictures on offer on Google.

RIP one of the creators of Sir George Parr – the clips always worth a second or third look. 

Well..there we are.  The new year is underway and a bit of real work beckons.

One thought on “A bit of the old ‘Rive Gauche’

  1. I wasn’t aware that our Governments have ever protected their Citizens against big business……..That’s a new one to me.

    I understood that our Governments did anything they could to attract large corporations into this country, to provide jobs regardless, so that taxes can be collected by the Government rather than them paying Social Security.

    Our Governments even changed laws and re-wrote Civil rights the way they wanted it to be, to make it easy for big business to hire and fire people as they wish. (I can provide a few examples here).

    And of course it’s now very difficult to get legal aid to fight it. The Tribunal system is run and controlled by the Government, so whatever you might get over here if you should win, is less than you would get in America.

    All holes ‘plugged’ there I think?

    (How about the people of this country deciding how much their respective constituency M.P.s should earn, based on their performance? And when M.P.s fail to deliver on their promises they would pay money back and be put on trial…..Would that shake a few people in Parliament? Perhaps then we’d get some of the right kinds of people running for Government instead of the ‘incompetents’ who can’t do anything else but talk and collect allowances..:-) . )

    They also allowed Banks to do what they wanted, and allowed the senior people in Banking to pay themselves obscenely large bonuses for juggling pieces of paper and investing large sums of money. Money that they only had on paper, if things worked the way they hoped. (And they didn’t)

    The Government allowed the Bankers to do this, as though they were doing this country a favour.

    This all happened in order to make money for the Treasury, thereby making the situation we all have here and now. And, the Law-makers also allowed this to happen……

    Conservative and Labour are the same………They just have different ways of wasting and squandering the billions of Pounds of Tax payer’s money that ordinary people in this country earn.

    And it seems that we can now change our laws for any reason, if the Treasury is likely to benefit……..The dire situation we have now (which they made), has given them a ‘licence’ to do this…….

    Many say that we now live in a Police State…………Surely not…….Never?

    Oh well……..Have a Happier New Year all…….. 🙂

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