And a little bit more of the ‘Rive Gauche’ for the weekend….

One really does not need to comment further on the above photograph….

And so as we head towards the ‘festive’ season, the  three week holiday (for some), I may buy myself a desk top singing or dancing Christmas Tree  to inject a bit of festive cheer and to amuse me while I ‘Keep buggering on’ (Churchill).

It would appear that our revered Chief Secretary to The Treasury, doppelgänger to Beaker from Sesame Street , is already getting into the festive mood by visiting food banks for the poor in Britain.

Before I get carried off into the realms of further nonsense – a taste of sobriety and sense from Obiter J with this most interesting blogpost: Thoughts on the Hamlyn Lecture by Lord Justice Laws

One can, of course, have way too much sense at the weekend – and this is a ‘Rive Gauche’ post after all, so onwards and downwards……

A sardonic observation from Em Malley, noted ‘observationist’ (sic) on twitter and a good bloke…

And on a rather more important and serious note…. Jerry Hayes explains…


“The former Lord Chief Justice, Igor Judge, has proved to be a remarkably formidable and skilled tactician. In one speech he has given the government a lifeline and Chris Grayling a death threat. The trouble is that our esteemed Lord Chancellor is so dim that he can only identify the lifeline and hasn’t yet noticed the bullet that is travelling in the direction of his head.”

Do, please, read the rest.  It is a good piece. 

And while I am on a roll of  ’sense and sensibility’ – an excellent piece from Carl Gardner,  fellow blogger and a regular podcaster with me:   Booker, Hemming and the “forced caesarian” case: a masterclass in Flat Earth news

I’ll be back soon with my Postcard from The Bunker…

2 thoughts on “And a little bit more of the ‘Rive Gauche’ for the weekend….

  1. A pleasure to see you post. And, as the owner of a Samsung consumer electronics product, let me confirm that the penis is definitely mightier than the finger, though there is a certain synergy when both are used simultaneously.

  2. Haha! Well…there you are. I am returning to good health after a nasty spinal injury…and back to blogging… I may even be able to wrte something sensible before too long…

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