A bit of the ‘Rive Gauche’ for a wintry afternoon…

Lawyers and bankers get a bit of stick in the press, sometimes deservedly – and in this case, deservedly.  I take the view, perhaps unreasonably, that MPs should devote the greater part of their working time to the work of an MP.  MPs enjoy a reasonable salary  with expenses (I am, of course referring to legitimate expense claims here) – some would say they are well paid.

Arrogant Stephen ‘He’s Raking it in’  Phillips’…MP and barrister,  probably deserves the vilification The Mirror.

Well..there we are.  On to other surreal tweets and stories...

If you have got this far, you may have come to the conclusion that I am not really in the mood for serious analysis of matters legal today.  You are right.  I’ve had to do a fair bit of that in a long teaching career – and having delivered ‘tablets of stone’ for nigh on 35++ years –  on very rare occasions to students who resembled hungover stones in tutorials –  I don’t really feel the need to deliver any more.  This explains, in part,  my predilection for the bizarre and amusing on twitter and the net.

I rather like the word predilection - although I also enjoy the synonyms.  A small selection:  ’appetite’ , ‘penchant’, ‘propensity’.  The definition provides hints at more… ‘A partiality or disposition in favor of something’.  Note the American spelling.  I am not an American, but I do understand their ‘modifications’ of English.  Is their spelling more efficient?  The French prédilection, taken from the Medieval Latin praedīlect(us) – hints at the more esoteric tastes.

However..it would appear from the tweet below that Les Anglais may also have unusual prédilections…(sic)

And finally…

Peaches Geldof and Ian Watkins: is social media the end of contempt of court?

Geldof tweeting the names of victims’ relatives shows how hard it is to enforce reporting restrictions in the digital age.

New Statesman

I shall return later this evening, hopefully.  I have to go and eat a curry now.

3 thoughts on “A bit of the ‘Rive Gauche’ for a wintry afternoon…

    • It certainly suggests that he’s not really doing his M.P. duty if he earns this sort of money on the side. Some would say he’d be better off doing that side job because he’s obviously not dedicated to his constituency in the way that he could be.

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