The #Reinventlaw conference is underway asking about the future of law… is this it?

The #Reinventlaw conference is underway asking about the future of law… is this it? 

I do hope not… still.. the delegates seem to be having fun…. and this is fine by me.

I am told that the hashtag #Reinventlaw is trending in Little Wallop..and this is also good.

Have a good weekend.  And do keep an eye out for those G4S vans in your area…





6 thoughts on “The #Reinventlaw conference is underway asking about the future of law… is this it?

  1. I don’t know much about G4 but I know a bit about Serco (who run some prisons and areas of some hospitals and healthcare), and I wouldn’t have their kind of values dumped on the public. Even the Police forces can’t be trusted so what chance would we all have under these people?

    A definite thumbs-down for these private companies, from me!

    I wouldn’t work for them either………..

  2. What is more concerning is how far G4S’s operation is spreading. I was in Washington DC last month and I saw a man wearing a “G4S Security Police” uniform standing around on a side-street off Pennsylvania Avenue!

    • Well, they’re following in the footsteps of Serco and it has to be said that Serco is now a Global organisation, with a lot of power in this country and all the English speaking countries of the World. They have fingers in everyone’s pies and a lot of pull with our Governments. Both companies have ex-Senior Policemen and ex-Military types as Directors but they’re not worried how they do the job as long as they get it done and the Government is happy…….A scary thought?

      I’ve seen what they can do, with the Government’s backing, and I think so……..

  3. Dunno if theres any PROOF, but i heard G4S bugged HMPS staff in their temporary accomodation (old court-house Horseferry Rd.), as well as bugging several buildings housing Cheltenham workers…….
    That should be prevented as it is a foreign-owned business, isnt it?

  4. Well, you will need to start using them European Rights of yours in an inventive fashion, won’t you? It must be hard for you all to accept that English Law is no longer just English Law, but hey – if them rights are going to give you more rights, then why not? After the 20th Century Europeans tend to be a little less reluctant to allow the unchecked enmeshing of state and corporate power, at least in theory.

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