Tray Selector – save time, money and improve your green credentials

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Tray Selector – save time, money and improve your green credentials

Even in today’s IT rich legal environment Law firms still require paper. Our stock in trade is words and more often than not these find their way onto hard copy. A modern legal office now stocks paper of various thickness, colours, textures and finishes as well as expensive letterhead which no self-respecting legal firm can do without despite its frightening cost.

This creates problems: how to manage your printer trays or different printers so that those expensive multi-coloured letterheads are used only for page 1, that only wills and deeds use the thick velum paper, or so that drafts and file and client copies are printed on the cheapest, thinnest paper?

If your office has a swear box, printer problems are probably its biggest friend. Printing to the wrong paper type or tray costs time, money and perhaps more importantly hair loss from those who can seldom afford it. Unless, that is, you have installed the software which is the subject of this review.

Tray Selector  is a tiny ‘add-in’ for Microsoft Word which does what it says on the tin. It selects the trays for each type of print job so that in a single click the output goes where you want. You can send a print job to a range of trays or if you prefer different jobs to different printers. Tray Selector is clever enough to handle it all.

The user can create user-defined printer profiles, up to a maximum of 12, of for the typical print jobs they perform each day. Once a profile is saved to a toolbar or ribbon bar button when it is clicked it sends the print job to the trays specified in that profile. Each button can be given a friendly name to remind the user what it does. It really is that simple!

Suppose when printing your letters page 1 goes to pre-printed letterhead, page 2 onwards on plain but quality paper and then 2 additional copies on draft paper. In Tray Selector you would create a button called “letters” setting it up this way in a matter of seconds. Once done you can just click it each time.

There are loads of bells and whistles so the add-in can prompt for page ranges each print, ask for number of copies, print additional copies, run macros each click to do things like check the letter has the correct date or add watermarks, handle duplex printing and mail merges etc. etc. Users buttons are stored safely per user and the product works fine with Terminal Server or Citrix.

Tray Selector comes in two varieties a .Net version for Word 2010/2013 which adds buttons in the ribbon bar and a standard version for earlier versions of Word. It is simple to install and comes with a free, fully functional, 30 day trial so there really is nothing to lose trying it out. New features are constantly added and released for free. A user license is a one off very reasonable cost of $29.99 (About £20) and includes a year of free email support and upgrades. There is no maintenance fee to pay and volume discounts available. Tray Selector is the sort of easy to use time, paper, toner and frustration saving product that every modern law firm should own. You can get more information from

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