Tour Lawcast 14: John Cooper QC on the CPS guidelines on social media

Tour Lawcast 14:  John Cooper QC on the CPS guidelines on social media

“Well I don’t think John Cooper with all respect has seen anything like the number of cases I have. I don’t think he has thought about the sophistication of the issues. There are many cases…I mean he can point to one case [the Twitter Joke Trial]…yeah he makes a cheap point about one case, I’ve got to deal with the many thousands of cases that come in, I’ve got to deal with all the chief constables. So, yes, nice cheap point, but actually let’s get back to reality.”

These are the reported words of Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC following the issuing of new guidelines on social media prosecutions when he was placed under pressure by criticism raised by an experienced criminal silk, John Cooper QC.

Speaking on Radio 5 John Cooper QC said of the guidelines  …”totally and utterly unnecessary”, adding that the 25 pages would be better condensed to “two words: common sense”.

Today, I talk to John Cooper QC about the CPS guidelines on Social Media.

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3 thoughts on “Tour Lawcast 14: John Cooper QC on the CPS guidelines on social media

  1. It is most unusual for me to agree with Keir Starmer QC (who hadn’t prosecuted anything, until he became DPP, unless I’m much mistaken), but John Cooper QC is clearly unfamiliar with current practice in large organisations of any sort: which have to explain at great length what by some is regarded as ‘common sense’. It has been one of the greatest growth industries of the last 20 years. This is in part at least due to the self-righteous position adopted by some who are critical of organisations which don’t have guidelines to state the blindingly obvious.

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  3. most unusual for ME to agree with keir starmer – and i’m not going to start now. unfortunately the point of guidelines however good, sensible or even (dog help us all) concise, is that they have to be read, understood and put into practice. if anyone thinks the cps are capable of that (or even finding their own arses given the use of both hands, a good torch and a map with short words in large print) then i can only wish them good luck.

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