Guest Post: Avoiding personal injury over Christmas

Avoiding personal injury over Christmas
Laura Wright

Christmas is approaching fast, and for many of us this means having time off work and the opportunity to let our hair down and celebrate. Combine the festivities with the longer nights and stress of dealing with busy shops and roads at this time of year, and it is unsurprising that accidents are at their peak.

If you are involved in accident over Christmas, whether it is on the road, at work or even on the street. If the accident was not your fault, you can claim compensation for any financial deficit you incur. For assistance with your personal injury claim, consult with specialist injury solicitors to ensure your case has the best chance of being successful.

The roads become especially dangerous this time of year. Icy and slippery conditions, or potentially intoxicated road users means extra care must be taken to avoid accidents on the road. If the roads become torturous this winter, be sure to take your time and fit extra-grip tyres to your vehicle to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. Road accidents could potentially happen to anyone, whether in a car, on a bike or as an unfortunate pedestrian in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Having an accident this time of year will certainly be stressful to say the least during the festive period. It is always better to not be in a situation where an accident is likely to occur, however you do not want to miss out on any public gatherings and festivities that you plan to attend. Accidents in public are commonplace and slips and trips are the most common accidents in public places and events. In order to avoid such accidents, be aware of the surroundings and do not take any unnecessary risks.

In the event you are injured, it is important to secure hard evidence of your injury in that location. If you are injured in a quiet street for instance, there may be no witnesses to back your claim. In this case, you will need other evidence to support your case such as photographic evidence of an offending item that caused your injury.

Avoiding any kind of injury is what we all hope for but if it does occur, be sure to claim for accident compensation to at least avoid the financial anguish that will be brought upon yourself and your family this season.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Avoiding personal injury over Christmas

  1. Best to stay in – wrapped up in cotton wool? Even then, would there be a claim on the cotton wool manufacturer?

    We accept massive risks in daily life. One of the greatest risks is from road traffic but we tolerate it because of social benefits/utility. If some other activities had the accident rate associated with motor vehicles we would be seeing calls to ban it.

    Mind how you go ….!

  2. The reference to cotton wool reminds me – in a disconnected way – of that case from the Privy Council in the Thirties, Grant -v- Australian whatever, from which it appears that the Plaintiff, a doctor, only changed his underwear once a week!

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