One thought on “iTunes version: Tour Lawcast #2 – Gary Slapper on the English Legal System

  1. Good old Slapski! He’s been there since my days when I started studying with the Open University, so full of hope of a minimally-interesting legal career of some sort. All this time, I could have had the haircut I wanted, all unkempt and in need of a trim months ago, just like Gary’s been rocking for these years past, without care for the regulation short sharp hairdo favoured by the English legal professional male I thought would assist me in landing a reasonable legal job. Where are the longhairs and scruffy-wally cuts not found in professional legal practice (with the exception of some near-retiring City partners), yet found haunting the adult male bonces of academia across all age groups? I’m going to take a stand and rock a “Gary” for my next job interview – it’s bound not to make any difference to my chances of employment of course. Apologies to the Slapmeister if he’s sporting a smarter coiffure these days than he did in the OU videos of yore…

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