Charon UK Tour Report #5: The English Legal System – the foundation

Today, I am at 6 Bedford Square, the former home of Lord Eldon, Lord Chancellor, talking with Professor Gary Slapper, Director of NYU in London.  We discuss the pervasiveness of law and the foundation and structure of the law of England & Wales.  The intention is to provide an overview of the system for non-lawyers to set the scene for the remainder of the tour.
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3 thoughts on “Charon UK Tour Report #5: The English Legal System – the foundation

  1. Sir,

    Interesting post indeed. Do tell, will you do a feature on the hidden structure of the law in England and Wales when the alleged pedo Conservative MP is unmasked soon in the British media? I understand that DH remained cloaked for so long due to his Masonic connections. Any thoughts on the assumption?

    your willing servant,


  2. JB… you have risen Lazarus stylee… this is good. I see that you are now a Chef…. do you have 18 stars like *Chef Charon*

    I tend to prefer due process to the *Twitter Court of Public Outings* so I will not comment on such matters until due process is followed… it is a Rule of Law thing.

    I trust you are well?

  3. Sir,

    It was time for me to resurface once more… what price a good brief, eh? In truth, one can only bask for so long on Spanish soil before the desire for square sausage and Barrs ginger becomes too much.

    I haver to achieve but one solitary star let alone the 18 by the master chef himself. I live in hope.

    Due process…. understood, but I doubt I am wide of the mark. Delighted to be back amongst the higher echelon of the blogging IQ’s.

    I have arranged for a car to be sent for your disposal this coming week. Shall we say the Seven Stars behind Fleet St around midday?

    Much to catch up on sir, Glasgow sends its regards.


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