Guest Post: What are your legal rights as an employee

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: What are your legal rights as an employee

  1. You refer to “statutory rights formulated by the UK Government”. Does this imply that these rights are conferred by Statutory Instrument, rather than by primary legislation? The latter would presumably be formulated the Parliament, rather than the Government.

  2. @Peter
    Thank you for your comments. You do raise a good point although I must point out that the opinions stated in my blog were given to emphasis areas of UK employment legislation that is focussed on individuals who do work within a trade union structure.
    It may be a consideration to provide information relating to Trade Unions as a separate blog in the future. I will look into this.

    The employment rights act is an act of parliament and my reference to the UK government may confuse this statement. The employment rights act of 1996 does include previous statutes surrounding redundancy, and wages etc.
    Government can amend the original act to include new legislation as they did in 1997 with the introduction of the right to request flexible working time. My opinion is that many of the current legislative boundaries within the original act may well be delegated legislation added at a later point (i.e. a statutory instrument or SI).

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