Charon QC UK Tour: Report #1

The UK Tour begins now…. with some background which I hope will be of interest to non-lawyers.  Professor Gary Slapper has kindly provided the first report and Chapter 1 of his book:  How Law Works

Report #1: The Law is all pervasive

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3 thoughts on “Charon QC UK Tour: Report #1

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  2. I hope you ceremonially launched the Red Jag tour with a bottle of Bolly “broken” across the “bows” of your splendid conveyance. More seriously, it strikes me that you could hardly have chosen a more propitious moment for your modern Doomsday survey. We are a several crucial turning points in the future of law in this land of ours, and your tale will be one to look back on in years to come with particular fascination! Go Mike, go!

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