The Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law

With the move complete, finally, I can get back to blogging.  Moving was a surreal experience.  I shall write about it in my ‘Postcard From The Medway’ on Sunday.  Truly bizarre.

I am delighted to help promote this new initiative from Natasha Phillips:

The Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law, is an encyclopaedia focusing on the UK family justice system and the conversations law has with the family unit. The encyclopaedia launched in September.

A not-for-profit project, the encyclopaedia is run entirely by volunteers, including our editors, who are leaders and pioneers in their chosen fields.  The unique ‘Opinion’ section of the encyclopaedia offers cutting-edge critique of the system, making this compendium the first of its kind. There are currently no encyclopaedias on UK family law.

The Encylopaedia on Family and The Law was created to offer everyone with an interest in family law a free on-line resource they could access, with the latest information on family law processes and the courts which operate them, written in clear and accessible language. It was also established to help simplify and demystify the family justice system.

The project will showcase submissions from lawyers, judges, journalists, academic researchers, social workers, charities and stakeholders with a view to building as complete a perspective as possible, on the world of family law.

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