The Van Rouge Tour is on! – starts soon

I am moving to Kent to set up my ‘forward operating base’ (FOB) this weekend – taking some subversive ducks from Battersea-on-Thames with me to instruct Medway ducks in the delights of subversion.

Once settled – The Van Rouge Tour will start.  I will start in the South-East and go hence throughout our sceptred isle over the course of a year in a camper van.  To avoid inflicting hypothermia on myself in the winter months I may have to stay occasionally in a hotel and will, in any event, return to the aforementioned FOB at weekends to enjoy the pleasures of research and writing up.  In six months time FOB will be moved North and I will take another six month let in a modest dwelling.

Podcasts, voxpops with a television camera, analysis of the legal events of the day, commentary on the changing legal landscape, ephemeral musings and anything else that comes into my surreal mind will be reported.  I am setting up a special Charon Van Rouge Tour blog to place all the posts in one place.  I rather like the idea of going on ‘Assizes’ and creating a Legal Domesday Book.   The plan is to cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will take at least a year.

The important thing for me is to have an open mind and talk to many people to find out what they think of our legal system.  I shall be thorough in my investigation and talk to a wide cross section of people – not just lawyers.

I very much hope that regular tweeters who know me through twitter will take part and make this a truly collaborative project.  It will be a pleasure to do and I very much hope readers will enjoy the ‘reports from the frontline’.

I am genuinely pleased with the extraordinary support – financial, moral, encouragement, offers of beds for the nights, offers of dinner –  from tweeters and I will do my best to include as many people as I can in this project.

So far, sponsors have come forward to assist with logistics, running expenses, kit etc: The Law Society, Kysen PR, The Legal Technology Insider, LBC Wise Counsel, Riverview Law, The University of East Anglia Law School, Brecher, Routledge Law, Inksters, Cellmark., The College of Law, BPP Law School, TaxAid, Darlingtons Solicitors, Lawyers on DemandThe Trial Warrior blog

I am not a rich man – nor wish to be.  So… if any other organisations or individuals would like to be involved in this tour as a sponsor, please get in touch with me.  Sponsorships are modest.

3 Gavels Dinner:  @bretttechlawyer is hosting a fund raising dinner in mid-November. Details to follow.  I will be auctioning some of my real artworks and some of my nonsense F*ckart.

6 thoughts on “The Van Rouge Tour is on! – starts soon

  1. Absolutely fabulous ! Really wish I had the time to join you but certainly hope to meet you en route for a drink (or two) and lunch. I will follow your travels with great interest and look forward very much to reading the various posts on your special tour blog. Your trip around Scotland (with its distinct legal system) and Northern Ireland (with its very special recent past) will be of particular interest. Of one thing I am sure. You will find our country is populated with the most amazingly interesting people and if you want to find out something about the law you will discover that every “hostelry” (huff in Scotland) will have its own “in house counsel.” Not that I am suggesting for one microsecond that you are about to commence one huge pub crawl but a little bit of light refreshment never came amiss.

    All the best and bon adventure !

  2. Some words of advice – sat navs do not work in underground carparks. This makes leaving somewhat perilous as you do not know whether to go right or left. Of course this not knowing what direction to take could be used as an analogy for the future of the legal profession !

    Beware of american drones.

    When you visit NI you may need a tour name change as Van is a name licenced here by Van Morrison – to become embroiled in a bitter intellectual property dispute during your visit would be most unfortunate although I am sure some pro bono advice could be secured or depending on your means you may qualify for legal aid.

    Bonne chance !! (to maintain the french theme – although as you know Armagh has claims on Wellington so perhaps some ref. to Waterloo might be appropriate in the course of your blog)

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