Without Prejudice podcast 27: David Allen Green on Contempt of Court law

Welcome to Without Prejudice with David Allen Green on Contempt of Court. 

“Contempt of court is a court order which, in the context of a court trial or hearing, declares a person or organization to have disobeyed or been disrespectful of the court’s authority.” (Wikipedia)  The powers of the judge are significant, as we saw last week when a trial judge used the contempt proceedings to prevent the showing of a BBC drama on the riots of last summer  during the final days of a sensitive ongoing trial on the Birmingham riots.

The powers are designed to uphold the rule of law and preserve the right to a fair trial.

We look at the powers at common law and in the Contempt of Court Act 1981 and illustrate the application of the rules with three important recent cases:  Chris Jeffries, Levi Bellfield and the Milly Dowler murder case and the Birmingham Riots case

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Useful references

CPS guidance on contempt under act and common law http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/a_to_c/contempt_of_court/ – this is good overview
Chris Jefferies
Levi Bellfield/Milly Dowler
The Birmingham riots injunction

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