Podcast 214: Andrew Keogh, The White Rabbit blogger, author and barrister

Podcast 214: Andrew Keogh, The White Rabbit blogger,  author and  barrister

Today I am talking to Andrew Keogh, a barrister in practice, author of Twenty Twelve and author of the White Rabbit Blog

We talk of many things – including, Andrew’s writing, e-publishing v traditional publishing, law blogging and social ‘meedja’, Libertarianism (whatever that is) and the state of the nation generally with reference, en passant, to the legal profession.  In keeping with the fine tradition of The White Rabbit blog  – we manage to avoid talking about law altogether!

Listen to the podcast with Andrew Keogh

One thought on “Podcast 214: Andrew Keogh, The White Rabbit blogger, author and barrister

  1. If no-one else will comment then I will! 😉

    I have had a communication by a different route pulling me up for using the phrase ‘free market capitalism’ to describe big corporations doing – well basically – anything they like. The criticism is fair enough. The arrangements described are neither free nor much of a market. I copy and paste my critic:

    “It is unfair to compare many large corporations (at least in the US) as illustrations of free market capitalism gone wild. In fact, most are in bed with government and influence officials to restrict the free market and stifle competition. Wal-Mart consistently identifies properties where they want to build a store (even if the property is occupied by small business owners as you described in the podcast), then rushes to city or village officials to use their powers of eminent domain to force the small business owners to relocate, all under the guise of economic development. It’s as if those small businesses have no place in the local market. That is NOT free market capitalism”

    Point taken.

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