#WithoutPrejudice Special: #Twitterjoketrial with David Allen Green

Welcome to this Without Prejudice Special on the Twitter Joke Trial with solicitor David Allen Green

The background to the Twitter Joke Trial is set out admirably by David Allen Green in a recent article in The New Statesman and here for some useful links to other coverage and legal analysis.

Also well worth reading from Heresy Corner : The Turing Joke Test

The appeal tomorrow, by way of Case Stated,  will be on points of law only.  Paul has appealed already to the Crown Court, which upheld his conviction.  A previous hearing at the High Court was inconclusive.  Tomorrow will be Paul’s seventh day in court on this case, which has lasted two-and-a-half years.

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7 thoughts on “#WithoutPrejudice Special: #Twitterjoketrial with David Allen Green

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  2. I preferred ‘egnerally’.. will shoehorn into conversation soon!

    Fancy doing a podcast on Law Blogging with me, M8?

    Could be fun to do… sure we’ll manage to dig up some ‘law’ to talk about.. being vat we iz law bloggers..

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