Birthday Honours: Who is the odd one out?

Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera lives on with the announcement today that Prince Charles is to be made Field Marshall, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshall of The Royal Airforce – the highest military ranks.

The luvvies are doing their best to see who can be the most self-deprecating about their ‘Honours’… the BBC reports

The British Empire Medal makes a come back.  But no ‘Empire Comeback’ – Ingerland beating Sweden at the footer is good, but not quite in the same league.

Honours & Awards – harmless enough I suppose – an opiate for some, desired by the self important – I prefer the style of the many who turn them down.  They don’t need awards… I don’t quite see why anyone needs one.

Anyway.. to my question:

Question: In the two pictures above – who is the odd one out?

Answer:  Trick question.  There is no odd one out.  They all have honours they have given themselves or been given for being ‘Royal’…. and why would I be against such a thing?  Haha.. I’m not.. I regularly award myself geegaws and baubles.

Fancy being a Lord or Lady?  No problem… just make yourself a duke or buy ‘nobility’ from the internet

4 thoughts on “Birthday Honours: Who is the odd one out?

  1. Talking of honours and titles … the Jubilee celebrations were hijacked by the discussion of David Furnish’s title. The majority opinion thought that it was Mr Lady Furnish since he’s a civil partner of Sir Elton John; further, to suggest otherwise would be to either discriminate against him on the basis of his sexuality, or not to recognise that civil partnership was on a par with marriage. This reasoning being based upon the assumption that when one is knighted ones spouse automatically becomes a Lady and further, that the title Lady, is not indicative of gender but of being the spouse of a Knight.

    The minority opinion thought that the discussion was puerile, tinged with homophobia and detracted from the celebrations.

  2. Well, its a cheap way of recognising people, (the Honours list), and fairly harmless. Not sure about the Pooh-Bahs though !!

  3. to F.F. Mitchell. Cheap is the right word and that is the problem, the honour is cheap, the recognition is cheap and that coupled with the childish, primitive ostentation of making yourself bigger with epaulettes, covering yourself with shiny metal and carrying a sword that you don’t really use makes the whole thing ridiculous.

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