Guest Post: Why Would Anyone Choose A Career In The Law Now?

Why Would Anyone Choose A Career In The Law Now?
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The legal world was once considered a glamorous profession. Parents were proud of their children declaring their intent to be a solicitor (the term ‘lawyer’ was not used so liberally ten or twenty years ago). If you became a solicitor or a barrister you were rightly thought of as intelligent, compassionate to your clients’ causes and prepared to burn the midnight oil to ensure justice prevailed.

Now it seems that with years of challenges on professionals by the media and public notoriety for some lawyers who specialise in bending the law to ensure their clients avoid facing any criminal sanctions, the profession has fallen from grace. And all of this before I even mention the dreaded ‘Compensation Culture’, although let’s not forget that even David Cameron’s right hand man, Lord Young, who was ordered to end ‘Compensation Culture’ admitted in the opening remarks of his report that there was not one in existence. But hey ho, let us not let the facts get in the way of a good story…

So is there really any point in a bright eyed and bushy tailed student electing to choose law for their future career? Unless they are intent on using the law as a stepping stone to being a politician and then bringing in laws to end all profits for law firms once they are in power, should they bother?

Well, after a career in the law and on the fringes of it now for over 20 years, I would firmly say yes, absolutely. I worked in a traditional ‘High Street’ practice for most of my career within the walls of the legal profession and I gained an awful amount of satisfaction from helping people to solve their challenges. I dealt with all types of litigious matters, from neighbour disputes to serious injury claims, family law to recovering debts for them, and often my help took away an awful lot of stress and/or relived a huge financial burden.

I meet hundreds of lawyers every year and I know if they care about what they do when I ask them my favourite question “have you had any good results for your clients recently”? It is at this point that their eyes light up as they recall what a great outcome they achieved against the odds, and more importantly, how delighted the client was with help provided.

I am pleased to say there are still more lawyers enjoying what they do than not. Every year there are still thousands of clients delighted with their solicitors work and relived to have concluded a matter which was important to them, so if you are genuinely interested in the law, and in people, I still think a career in the law has an awful lot to offer. Just remember to never read a newspaper again and you will be fine…

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