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  1. When this coalition was formed in May 2010 I was happy to give it a “fair wind” – as, I think, I put it at the time. By August 2010 I had serious doubts about their policies. Since then, their actions have brought me nothing but dismay:

    Ruthless cuts to legal aid

    Destruction of the NHS – essentially a privatisation of medical care but using public money to do it

    How they were all cosying up to News International until the media exposed them and led to Leveson. Setting up an Inquiry – (to hell with the costs – already >£2m) – has always been a good way for politicians to hide.

    Now cash for dinners. As an old man said to me yesterday – “Why would you wish to pay £250K to go to dinner?” Quite – these donors seek and, I submit, receive influence on policy.

    Thanks to the wretched Fixed Term Parliaments Act, this abysmal state of affairs will go on until 2015 – (and perhaps forever)! British politics is now irretrievably corrupt.

    Keep up the good work Charon – looking forward to that review you have promised.

  2. Good afternoon James – Fair enough !!

    I confess that, back in 2010, I was somewhat undecided as to whether a coalition was a good thing. Personally, I think it would not have been right to have kept Labour in power via a coalition with the Lib Dems. The Labour government was tired and change was needed. So, again in my view, if there had to be a coalition then at the time it looked preferable to have Conservative / Lib Dem one. I was persuaded – only just – to give it a “fair wind” and see how things went. Sadly, it very quickly became apparent that it was a bad arrangement with abysmally illiberal policies emerging and with Lib Dem support. Also, they have done exceptionally bad things such as increasing tuition fees for English students.

    I would not wish to see this form of government again. If, at the 2015 election, the people return a “hung Parliament”, then the politicians will be tempted to cobble together another coalition. It is impossible to forecast what the outcome might be in 2015 though, seeing how things are going, the Labour Party might have a strong hand but they need to be very careful.

  3. james – me neither.

    and of course i have teased charon and obiter a bit on the subject. however even i can’t quite grasp the scale of damage to the fabric of society, notably the dreadful laspo and health ‘reform’ bills – against which i have been campaigning along with those much more worthy than i, lord pannick for one – this govt have managed to inflict in such a short time. it leaves even me breathless.

    i despair of dave’s pathetic attempts to be a man of the people – when greggs, the nation’s beloved provider of heart attacks are seen as the emotional focus of pastie tax, dave states ‘i go on holiday to cornwall (no shit!!! like all your ilk, it’s bloody chelsea on sea) and i like a hot pastie’. a million miles from getting the point.
    for once millibland’s machine hit the right note by stopping in to greggs as i’m sure they do on a daily basis, for a sausage roll. even if they did have to text lord prezza for directions.

    and gideon says he can’t remember the last time he had a pastie. no, i don’t suppose you can. btw gideon, a pastie is what the poor people eat. you may have seen them doing so on tv… no? not a glimmer? think navet en croute sauce poivre blanc.

    the breakdown of the considerable extra funding cameron has brought in to the party tells the whole story. the vast bulk from the city; the vast bulk of that from hedgies. enthusiastic advocates all (over dinner of something other than pasties no doubt) of cutting corporation tax and the top rate of income tax. i wonder when they will get around to doing that? oh…

    well i hope these measures stimulate growth. we are going to need it to fill the hole – not the hole allegedly caused by labour profligacy, but the costs of slashing legal aid given as £7 of savings for each £1 spent on legal aid. won’t be getting those any more. the increased cost of privatising the health service and giving a poorer service. the knock on costs of poor health to the country as a whole as ordinary people look forward to lives with lower quality of life and more time spent using the shitey remains of a national health service. at least they won’t be taking time off work, because the govt sorted that too by creating plenty of extra jobless.

    yes, it’s all going swimmingly. at least hs2 will get us to birmingham quicker if we want different unemployed to look at.

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