#WithoutPrejudice podcast 22: FREE SPEECH

Welcome to Without Prejudice. Joining regulars Carl Gardner and David Allen Green: The writer and journalist Nick Cohen and former prospective Tory candidate for Parliament and policymaker Joanne Cash.

Tonight’s topic is Free Speech and how privacy and libel law may impact on this cherished right.

Listen to the podcast

(Depending on your broadband speed and browser it may take a few moments to load)

Nick Cohen’s excellent book You can’t read this book formed the basis for our discussion and I have no hesitation in encouraging you to read it.  It is available on Amazon – a fascinating discussion for lawyers and others interested in free speech.


I’d like to thank Lawtel, WestlawCassons For Counsel, City University Law School David Phillips & Partners Solicitors, Inksters SolicitorsIken, LBC Wise Counsel, Carrs Solicitors,  JMW Solicitors – Manchester, Pannone and Cellmark for sponsoring the podcast  – and the free student materials on Insite Law – appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “#WithoutPrejudice podcast 22: FREE SPEECH

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  2. Thanks for the explanation about why we can’t read Nick Cohen’s book……..

    It explains a lot about why I, and so few people, can get justice in this country now, when there are Super-Injunctions that can exist without anyone knowing……..

    So, how do we “ordinary people” change things back?

    Cannot International Criminal Law or the ECHR prevail here?

    I mean the right to know, rather than the right to retain silence and ignorance……

    Are there any senior British lawfirms fighting this one or does everyone have to comply with the law, regardless of how much it eclipses the rights of man?

  3. Mike, I find it ironic that the podcast was about free speech, but it was, for me, inaudible speech which I guess is neither free nor expensive, just inaccessible. The intro music and your bit were fine, but both Nick and Joanne seemed to be so far away from the microphone that I really couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying and gave up listening after a few minutes. I had much the same problem with the previous podcast.
    Sorry to be negative about this because I enjoy Without Prejudice (or the DAG show as I like to think of it!)

  4. As a non-lawyer I am really grateful to the participants for giving us a lawyer’s perspective on the issues of the day.

    However, like Andy J, I find that I am often struggling to hear some of the participants and so find myself concentrating on the voices when I ought to be concentrating on the concepts.

    Andy – if you have access to audio software such as Nero Wave Editor then you can improve the recording somewhat by using the Dynamic Compressor and selecting 1:4. This evens out the quiet and loud sections – it does bring up the clatter of the tea cups (or is it beer glasses?) but it is still a worthwhile improvement.

    Also the podcast is usually recorded at 160kbps but I have found it can be reduced to 78kbps with no loss of quality thus halving the file size which would be a great help to those of us with download limits on our broadband package.

    Once again the content is terrific so thanks to all those involved.

  5. Ian, Many thanks for your helpful advice on the sound level issue. Unfortunately I use Ubuntu Linux so Nero isn’t an option. I’m sure there will be a similar product for Ubuntu users, but the reason for my comment was more to let Mike know of the problem (for me at least) in the hope that for future podcasts the microphone(s) could be better positioned, as podcasts from a couple of months ago and earlier were fine.

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