#WithoutPrejudice 19 podcast: The Leveson Inquiry and The Twitter Joke Trial appeal

1. The Leveson Inquiry

2. Twitter Joke Trial appeal

On the panel tonight –  Carl Gardner, David Allen Green, Dr Evan Harris and Charon QC

Listen to the podcast

Useful reading:

David Allen Green:  Twitter Joke Trial: the case stated by Doncaster Crown Court

Carl Gardner: Today’s “Twitter joke” appeal hearing

Francis FitzGibbon QC : Witness statement to the Leveson Inquiry on blogging and ethics


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10 thoughts on “#WithoutPrejudice 19 podcast: The Leveson Inquiry and The Twitter Joke Trial appeal

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  2. I enjoyed this but had hoped you would have had more on the football. Next time please have more football in your law podcasts. Football is after all the most important thing in the world at the moment judging by all news bulletins.

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  4. A great pod cast and agree with some of the comments above, Football and Law are becoming more entwined, its ruining the sport in my opinion and while the legalities are always present in Football, they only get called upon when it effects public relations.

  5. @ DC – You are right in some circumstances but when you look at what is going on right now (John Terry saga) where he was found not guilty by a court of law but then massacred by the FA you have to ask yourself what is more important and who is supposed to be in charge of this country.

  6. @ DC & Osmotech – You are both correct in what your saying (to an extent) but what you have to remember is that no-one is above than the law, even footballers. Though a few have got away with lots that a normal person wouldn’t have.

  7. I think it is shocking how much Footballers and other professional sportsman get away with, some of the agression you see on the pitch would see you put in a cell if you were a ‘civvy’.

    Though maybe times are changing, especially with the Lance and Oscar news hitting the fan. Football is overdue a re-shape, it needs to give off an aura of respect to our kids, not one of racism, agression, spitting and foul language.

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. this was a front, its all about control, the truth is covered up again, look at what they did to Princess Diana, most people think it was a in side job, USA, FRANCE and UK were behind her murder.

    They murdered her in the car and them made it look like a road accident. It appear that who ever did this wicked deed used an injection to take her out. just like 9/11 cover up and the rest……

  9. I agree with Souls, footballers do seem to get away with so much, and yet they still try to bend the rules to make more money, look at the recent goings on with the match fixing scandal, its shocking and I hope they are made an example of.

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