The Ducks wish all…..HNY 2012

The Ducks are benign… for the most part… but there is a big BUT….


And… I can only add this for added absurdity…. in these dark days…

But.. if you have time on your hands as a law blogger… do remember… there is always the fame of The Orwell Prize.. (which you have to put yourself up for!)…  not that Orwell would have wanted one… as he said…

Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.

The last winner.. was a man called Hari... didn’t end up well..  sorry… I should have said.., *Upwell*

An Orwell quote worth remembering….

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

AND finally on this ludicrous issue of The Orwell Prize….

I wish you well if you do… BUT… you  really need a PRIZE as an independent blogger… ?

If you are into the #Leveson Inquiry… this is worth watching to get an idea of what may happen to freedom of the press…possibly.

And… a tweet exchange which I enjoyed…

I explain my comment about law being the nadir of human achievement in this way – If we were truly civilised… we would have no need of law…or regulation.  It is absurd, therefore, to think that we are truly civilised yet… for there are many laws and the world is crawling with lawyers.  Ipso facto… we have not evolved far enough yet?

This is not a criticism of the BSB/ SRA/ Law Society / Bar Council /Legal Ombudsman Johnny et al or any other august body corporate or temporal individual legal practitioner, current or pending  …. but a statement of my belief that Darwin was right… evolution has some way to go yet!

AND… finally.. @legaltwo hits the nail on the head….with these two tweets…

7 thoughts on “The Ducks wish all…..HNY 2012

  1. ah well! all the very best for 2012, charon old chum; lang may yer blog reek.

    actually, you won my award for the least attention-seeking blog of the year. but i tend to keep these things quiet, which is why i never mentioned it to you.

  2. Happy New Year CharonQC – let’s hope it will be a good one though if the “beserkers” have anything to do with it …?

    “Law being the nadir of human achievement” – think I agree with that. Our huge court / tribunal structure is in many ways a testament to man’s inability to resolve disputes sensibly between the individuals concerned.

    In my opinion, “prizes” detract from independence. We blog to express our views and it matters not whether others agree or not.

    All the best …

  3. The ducks are a bit thick actually. When the seagulls and pigeons arrive, they drift away from their food thrown to them. They often swim past food but if a lot of them are fighting for some, then they’re interested.

    Perhaps they’ve just delusions of grandeur.

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  5. And a happy new year to you and your ducks too. Orwell is one of my all time heroes but I’ve got to agree that nominating yourself is a bit creepy. What’s wrong with putting someone else up to it?

    Today, I used up one White rabbit posting header I’d had in mind for years… GOTCHA! The second awaits the death of Ariel Sharon.

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