2 thoughts on “Chrimbo with Charon (4): Christmas lunch

  1. I had a Christmas card from the Law Department of a University with which I have no connection and – so far as I am aware – know nobody at (as it were). It wished me a prosperous 2012.

    Fat chance, I thought.

    Thoughtful of them anyway…

  2. i didn’t have a christmas card from bpp – i gave the effers well over 20k. would have thought it was the least they could have done.
    and that awful aung sun kyi woman… i mean honestly, the number of christmas cards i sent the burmese government. not a bleedin peep!

    bastards the lot of em. i hope they all get a piece of coal and black piet beats them with sticks. (aung sun kyi might be used to that i guess)

    merry bollockin christmas!

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