The Lawyer Blog Review #1 with David Allen Green is out!

David Allen Green writes in The Lawyer: “Why should you bother with legal blogging?  Why not just stick with the trade journals, case reports, Westlaw updates, free promotional emails, and any legal news in the newspapers?  Why add to the burden of reading?  Surely there is enough legal information?…”

As always with DAG – a good read


I am delighted that The Lawyer and Legal Week are taking an interest in law blogging – bringing blogs to the attention of a wider (and professional) audience.

I have enjoyed doing a review of law blogs this week. Good to see so many blogs on law in an excellent state of health… long may it continue.

Part 1 and Part 2 | Part 3

I’ll be  having a look at law blogs each week in *Eyes Only* – but not at the same scale as this week’s ‘monsters’.

6 thoughts on “The Lawyer Blog Review #1 with David Allen Green is out!

  1. DAG – Can’t be bothered to argue your position? “Oh Dear” just doesn’t cut it as a comment on my blog – sorry.

    I do not like discourteous or rude comments on my blog 🙂

    I am sure you understand?

  2. With respect to you and JP, I cannot see how I – or anyone else – can “argue a position” in response to the bare statement “whose ever increasing anal – ytical offerings are often disappearing from whence they came.”?

    What is the actual argument here I am facing?

    Please do tell.

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