Eyes Only – What the law blogs are up to this week (Part 2)…

“It would help if government ministers did not cheer when they agreed with a judicial decision or boo when they disagreed with it. That I think is damaging.”

Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice
The Guardian 19th October 2012

It has always struck me as rather odd when  politicians, frequently Home Secretaries, say they are ‘disappointed’ with a judgment.   More of this later.

In the meantime… Dr Erasmus Strangelove, senior partner of Muttley Dastardly LLP, has written to me asking if he may express a few thoughts on this second part of my review of UK law blogs.  It would be most inelegant to refuse his request, particularly as the handwritten note was accompanied by a rather pleasing case of Rioja.  Unlike Mr Djanogly  (See Part 1 Eyes Only below), I make full disclosure on this blog….when I remember to.


1.  Following the tragic death of Matt Muttley  in July when he demonstrated to some high net worth clients how tough the glass was in his fifth floor office by crashing through it to his death, I take great pleasure in being able to address the law bloggers of the British Isles.

2.  The legal profession is going through a period of great change.  The high streets are soon to be overrun by  lawyers wearing McDonalds style branded uniforms seeking legal work.  People will marvel at how easy it is to sue their fellow man when they can nip into the Co-op, pick up their tins of beans at one end of the shop and find a lawyer by the checkout holding an iPad and asking “Would you like to try one of our wills?  Perhaps, a quick divorce would suit you, Sir? Fancy a bit of whiplash action… No Fee, No Win?”

3.  We at Muttley Dastardly LLP will continue to offer our bespoke service, blending the elegance expected of City lawyers with an opacity in relation to fees which many marvel at. There may well be many opportunities under the Legal Services Act that will appeal to many; especially those commentators, pundits, mavens and gurus who get off on ‘commoditisation of legal services’, ‘engaging on social media’ but secretly hoping that twitter followers will suffer some unfortunate tragedy requiring their services and the few who spend their nights dreaming of ‘procurecos and ABS opportunities’. We shall not be joining them

4. I am pleased to announce that I spent two months learning Mandarin so that I will be able to lead Muttley Dastardly LLP into partnership with our new best friends in China.  Frankly, the Yanks have become a bit of a liability with their whackjob Tea Party nonsense and Europe is rapidly turning into a basket case.  As we say in our Corporate division – ‘Beware of Greeks bearing IOUs’. All our new trainees are required to be fluent in Mandarin, or even better, actually be Mandarins. Our presence in China will give our friends in the Middle Kingdom an opportunity to blend their own cunning with ours to the advantage of both parties.

I propose a toast to our new opportunities in Cathay and to the health of our prosperous new clients out there… in Mandarin…  yĭn drink + shèng victory, success.. and for our other new best friends in Hong Kong… we haven’t forgotten you… in Cantonese 饮 胜
Dr Erasmus Strangelove
Senior Partner, Muttley Dastardly
London – Beijing

Strength & Profits


I fear that it would be inelegant to include any law bloggers with Dr Erasmus Strangelove’s contribution lest they feel slighted – so I shall publish it as a stand alone contribution to the world of law blogging

Back on the morrow with Part 3 of EYES Only – What the law blogs are up to this week…

(See Part 1 Eyes Only below)

5 thoughts on “Eyes Only – What the law blogs are up to this week (Part 2)…

  1. Charon, I bow to your superior ability – what can we mere bloogers hope to achieve in the shade of a blogger who can report the words of the Lord Chief Justice a full year before he is due to say them……

    Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice
    The Guardian 19th October 2012

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