Update to the “Van Rouge” UK Tour.

Just a quick post to update on my plan to tour the UK in a ‘van’ and talk law.

Concept:  To tour the UK and Northern Ireland in a van – well, an old landrover or other off road vehicle  and live in a tent –  and talk to lawyers and non-lawyers, including politicians, about our legal system.  I will also visit a number of law schools en route and talk to the academics and the students.

I plan to do detailed audio podcasts with the lawyers and short televised  vox pops with non-lawyers to hear their views. I also plan to write regular bulletins each week to  provide structure and context for the podcasts and consider a number of legal themes.  I will, also, write from ‘left field’ about my experiences on the road – the countryside, the caffs, and anything else which takes my fancy at the time.  Photographs, film clips and maybe even the odd water colour or acrylics painting will provide a bit of graphical interest.

Planning continues – but it is beginning to develop into a ‘Legal Domesday Book’!

Timing:  January – October 2012

To do this properly, I estimate that it will take at least nine months, possibly more, if I am to cover the country from Land’s End to John O’Groats and nip over to Ireland.

Why a ‘van’?:  This one is easy to answer.  I’ve spent far too many nights in hotels in my younger life and I thought by adding an element of ‘Road Trip’ it would be more amusing to live in a tent. I am becoming an expert in winter camping and campsites.  To train for this, I may pitch a tent in my spare bedroom, turn the heating off and open the windows wide!

Sponsorship:  While I can afford through work I can do on the road to cover many of the costs, I won’t be able to do other work in London or other points close, so I am approaching sponsors.  Thus far, I have been delighted by the response of some ‘serious players’ in the legal world (and corporates) who want to be involved. Obviously, a fairly ambitious plan of this nature can only become a reality if I can cover all the costs.

Interested in taking part as a podcastee?:  If you are interested in taking part by being interviewed for a podcast – please let me know. Please contact me by email AND mark your email Van Rouge Tour in the subject line to ensure I keep track of all emails.




I am delighted to report that @BrianInkster of Scots law firm Inksters has offered by way of sponsorship  to ship me from Aberdeen to The Shetland Islands  (and back!)  – a kind offer which I have ‘jumped at!’.  Brian tells me that there are many interesting people to interview – including a man from Bromley who has set up an independent Crown dependency on Forvik!

13 thoughts on “Update to the “Van Rouge” UK Tour.

  1. Dear Charonc QC
    Northern Ireland is a constituent part of UK.
    England, Scotland and Wales form Great Britain.
    Isle of Man and Channel Islands form with UK the British Isles. Scilly Isles are part of England.
    Precisely what “Britain” means is unclear.
    UK mainland is another imprecise term often used to mean Great Britain.

  2. Hope you have time to visit Leicestershire and sample the delights of a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and of course some Stilton cheese. Do you have any contacts at DeMontfort University Law school?

  3. The British Isles include Eire too (ie the whole island of Ireland is included)! Great Britain refers to Britain and all her islands. Britain refers to England, Wales and Scotland.

    A very nice idea this road tour and very drolly and aptly named. I look forward to reading of its progress.

  4. Looking forward to these posts from where and whenever on whatever. I can sponsor you to the tune of 10 lbs of potatoes and an oil change. I suspect that all round this disputable land folk are already stocking up on Rioja to welcome you. So shall I.

  5. Awesome idea. Is someone going to film you and turn it in to a documentary? The BBC or Channel 4 would love it.

    PS – Please take me with you. I don’t take up much room and I’m very quiet.

  6. While I find it absolutely reprehensible that you are not doing the Grand Tour and including Europe, I must admit that I still find the whole idea fascinating, and am looking forward agawp to reading the reports and stories from your trip…

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