Rive Gauche: A Tale of Tarts and Vickers (HT @oflynnexpress )

An old cocaine/hooker story about Chancellor Osbore has resurfaced today from Guido Fawkes about Mr Osbore’s alleged antics in an earlier life.  There is now an added #Hackgate and #Coulsontmakeit up spin. The Aussies have got in on the act with an interesting interview with the woman at the epicentre of the story – See @tom_watson  tweet  below.

Even Tom Watson MP.. he of #Hackgate (the only member of the DCMS Select Committee able to ask a decent forensic question) has got in on the act….with this tweet, earlier:

“Editor helped chancellor manipulate news.” bit.ly/r6n5UN (definitely worth a read).

Meanwhile…in the wake of the Vickers Report this morning on Bankers et al and their ‘Regulation’:  I have to award my *Tweet du Jour* to…

We do live in astonishing times.  We shall see soon enough if there are any leather thigh boot clad legs in this story.  Personally, I could not give a damn what Mr Osbore did or did not get up to when younger. I suspect that many of us did some pretty daft and unusual things in our youth.  It is rather more important what he gets up to today – managing the country’s economy et al – free from ‘undue influences’.


Guido Fawkes has pointed out that Osborne denied these allegations some time back – here is an old Guido blog post

4 thoughts on “Rive Gauche: A Tale of Tarts and Vickers (HT @oflynnexpress )

  1. “it is rather more important what he gets up to today – managing the country’s economy et al – free from ‘undue influences’”

    Amen to that. I wonder how many MPs would stand up to forensic scrutiny of their youthful excesses. It’s something that has crippled US presidential selection for a couple of decades as the press (and opposition) go hunting for skeletons in closets. So much easier to defeat a political argument by playing the man (or women) rather than the issue in question. It’s a sort of political trump-card.

  2. I may not be a great fan of Mr. Osborne and don’t often get biblical but I think people would do well to remember one verse – ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her’.

    We get a lot of holier than thou but I know I wouldn’t want to be under such scrutiny.

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